Did Stormfront’s daughter have superpowers on The Boys?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios /

Stormfront told her story on The Boys Season 2, Episode 6

During The Boys Season 2, Episode 6, Stormfront opened up about her story. She shared everything about her past to Homelander, including the fact that she had a daughter. Now the question is whether her daughter had superpowers.

Stormfront shared that she was married to Vought. In fact, she got the first successful Compound V injection. That means there were a lot of trials going on beforehand, and I’m sure we can guess who those trials were on!

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We know that Supes can have children that are born with powers. They don’t all need to be made. So, if Homelander’s son has powers, wouldn’t that mean Stormfront’s daughter has them too?

Not necessarily.

When was Stormfront’s daughter born?

We need to question when Stormfront had her daughter. She wasn’t very clear on the timeline but considering she was born in 1919, there’s a strong chance that she got married around 1939 or earlier. She would have had her daughter during the war. Assuming “trials” happened in the concentration camps, it would suggest that Stormfront’s daughter was born before she got the successful V injection.

This would mean Stormfront’s daughter was human. Unless the Voughts gave their daughter an injection, there’s no need to believe that she was born with powers.

This could explain why Stormfront only had one child. After the war, many parents had more than one child due to the loss of life during the war. If Stormfront became Stormfront during or just after the war, she may have chosen not to have children knowing what it could mean.

I’m sure if Stormfront’s daughter had powers, that would have been mentioned during the episode. What would be the point of keeping something like that back? Although, at this point, Stormfront doesn’t seem to know Homelander has a son. Maybe it will come up in The Boys Season 2, Episode 7.

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Do you think Stormfront’s daughter has powers? What did you think about Stormfront’s backstory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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