The Boys Season 2: What we know about Stormfront so far

The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

The first official look at Stormfront for The Boys Season 2 has been revealed. What do we know about the new character so far?

We know that Aya Cash is joining The Boys Season 2 as Stormfront. This was confirmed shortly after the show’s renewal and we’ve had some leaked footage of the character while the show was filming in Toronto. Now it’s time to get a few more details about the newest member of The Seven, along with the first official look.

Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on the first look at the character. It also came with an interview with Cash, which tells us a little more of what to expect from the character. Here’s what we know about Stormfront so far.

Not the Stormfront from the comics

The graphic novels do introduce a character called Stormfront during the series. However, the character is male, a Nazi, and a cross between DC’s Shazam and Marvel’s Thor. This certainly isn’t the case when you see The Boys Season 2’s version.

Like with other characters, there have been changes. The biggest is that the character is female. It will be nice to see another female Supe, but don’t expect anyone nice. These are the Supes, remember. Unlike Starlight and what Queen Maeve seems to want to be, the Supes are just interested in money and fame. They don’t really care about helping people.

Or do they? Will we see Stormfront as a different type of superhero?

There is still a bit of a Nazi vibe coming from this character based on the image. The outfit is red and black with armbands that bring a sense of the Third Reich. She also wears a silver belt with an eagle on the front. That eagle looks a lot like the eagle used by the Nazis.

She’s a feminist with an agenda

Cash describes Stormfront as a bit of a feminist. It shouldn’t be surprising that she’s going to cause a few problems for Homelander. He is the head of The Seven, but it looks like Stormfront is ready for someone else to be in charge.

Not just that, but Stormfront has another agenda. She wants Vought to get back to what Supes were originally intended to be: saviors of those who are normal. She wants to help and protect people and wants to make sure that’s what the Seven wants to do, too. Plus, with her feminist views, she could be another voice to fight against sexual harassment.

It sounds like she could get on extremely well with Starlight then. Of course, there’s the problem of Homelander. He’s not going to care if Stormfront gets hurt!

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She’s social-media-savvy

Stormfront is going to be able to reach out to people. She can be a positive voice for the Seven in a social media crazed world on The Boys Season 2. This could lead to more problems for Homelander.

After all, Homelander isn’t all that up to date with current technology. He gets everyone else to do things for him. Why should he bother with the little people? Stormfront cares and she is also willing to reach out and connect.

She’s a social-media-savvy character. Stormfront is willing to interact with her follows. While she’s not fame-hungry, she does know how to use her fame for good. And that’s exactly what she wants to do.

Homelander has a powerful contender

Throughout The Boys Season 1, we saw that Homelander was the most powerful Supe. It makes sense that he was named leader of the group. He’s used to people being scared of him, but that’s going to change with The Boys Season 2.

Stormfront matches Homelander’s power. She is able to take him down a notch or two, which could make him a little scared.

The question is whether the others will choose their de facto leader or will pick Stormfront.

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What are you excited to see from Stormfront? What do you hope is included in The Boys Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for a release date for Season 2.