What time is Dating Santa coming to Prime Video?

Dating Santa -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Dating Santa -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

This is a great time of year for rom-coms, and Dating Santa brings us a version of that. What time can you start streaming the Christmas movie?

Dating Santa is part Hallmark Christmas movie and part lesson in not lying to your children. Lucia is a single mother who hasn’t put a lot of focus on dating. Her life is about her daughter, Leo. However, Leo once asked Santa for a miracle and that miracle was granted.

Now it looks like the miracle is happening. Leo wants her mom to fall in love with Santa, and when Sergio comes to the house dressed as Santa, she thinks that it’s happening. Lucia and Sergio even go along with it, only for Leo to figure out the truth. Can the relationship be salvaged? Will Leo’s love for the season disappear?

When is Dating Santa coming to Prime Video?

This is a Christmas movie that you’ll want to check out if you love romantic holiday movies. You can watch it on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 8.

It is a worldwide release, though. That’s great news for those of us in North America, as the official release time is midnight UK time on the Friday morning. So, there is a great chance that we’ll be able to watch the movie on Thursday, Dec. 7 at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

There isn’t any guarantee of this happening, but it does happen more than it doesn’t. We see a lot of big releases drop the night before, including Gen VThe Wheel of Time, and Jack Ryan. There’s no reason to think that it won’t happen again with Dating Santa.

It’s a big night for Christmas movies. Look out for Merry Little Batman and Your Christmas or Mine 2 on Prime Video at the same time.

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Dating Santa is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 8.