Utopia Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Jessica learns the truth about her father

Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde in Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde in Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Everything that happened on Utopia Season 1, Episode 3

It’s time to look back at Utopia Season 1, Episode 3. Jessica heads out in search for answers about her dad while Harvest continues to search for all those who have seen the graphic novel.

One thing this episode does is quickly tell us how certain people are connected to the virus and to each other. We also have a lot more death and gore, just in case the second episode wasn’t enough.

Where did Olivia get the graphic novel?

Jessica decides she and the group need to head to Olivia’s funeral. They need to figure out how Olivia got her hands on Utopia.

Becky and Jessica head into the funeral, where Becky gossips with one of the mourners. That’s where they find out Olivia’s grandfather worked at an asylum and met the author.

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While that happens, Harvest sends more guys to kill Ian and Wilson, but Jessica kills them both and speeds away. They get to Olivia’s grandfather’s house and find a photo from the asylum. Her grandfather knew Jessica’s father.

The asylum burned down, though. Jessica is shocked to learn her father has died. All this hunting has been for nothing.

Ian wants to leave the group and wants Becky to come with him. She refuses to leave since she’s dying anyway. She has the disease that was mentioned in Dystopia and she’s hoping Utopia has the cure, which is something we got a glimpse of in the series premiere.

Grant gets in touch

While staying with Alice and her mom, Grant uses her laptop to send a message to the group. he’s figured out where one of the locations in the graphic novel is and sends a very cryptic message. Now they need to think like a kid to figure out the cryptic message.

Before they manage that, Jessica realizes that her dad isn’t dead after all. She needs to find someone who will have some answers, although her method of thinking certainly has the rest of the group worried. Is she just as crazy has her father apparently was?

Ian—who has now decided to stay with the group—volunteers to go with Jessica so Becky doesn’t have to. It’s the perfect way to split them up since Becky is the one who figures out all the clues in Grant’s message with Wilson.

Becky and Wilson find keys to a car in the garage of the safe house. They drive to the Chicago Library, where, sure enough, Grant is waiting for them. It’s a tense but happy moment for Becky and Grant, as they get him away from the cops who want to know why he’s on the streets alone right now.

Jessica meets up with Artemis

Jessica and Ian head to a rough part of town, where Ian trips over a homeless woman sleeping on the ground. It’s Artemis, but she’s nothing like anybody really expected.

Artemis admits that she sent Jessica’s father to the asylum because he was dangerous. He’d released a few diseases into the world, but the most dangerous one will destroy humanity. She couldn’t let him do any worse.

While Jessica doesn’t want to believe her dad is dead, Artemis says he is. She talks too easily because she’s tired and fed up with life now. Jessica knows that if Harvest gets Artemis, Artemis will talk. She has no choice but to kill Artemis, although Ian does try to stop her.

Once Artemis is dead, Jessica sees a code tattooed under Artemis’s fingernails. She memorizes the code before leaving.

Michael and Kevin are connected

We learn throughout the episode that Michael is the one who released the flu. It’s bad that it’s killed a bunch of kids, but there is some good news with this. Michael has the vaccine, which is also a cure.

Kevin wants to get the vaccine out to everyone. Michael wants to make sure it can be tested first, so leaves the meeting with Kevin to head to St. Louis to check things on the ground. He can’t understand how the flu has spread the way it has.

While Michael is in St. Louis, we catch up with Kevin back at home. He’s connected to Harvest. Could he be Harvest? All we know is he wants Utopia and he wants Jessica Hyde.

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