Utopia series premiere recap: What is Utopia?

Utopia -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Utopia -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Everything that happened in the Utopia series premiere on Amazon

We have a new survival series to watch. Based on the British series of the same name, Utopia takes us on a wild ride.

What exactly went down in the Utopia series premiere? It was the episode that introduced us to the graphic novel that everyone is after. we met the main characters and a couple of the villains after them.

There are certainly some elements that will feel like the current pandemic, but remember this was created long before the pandemic was even considered an initial threat. Let’s break down the Utopia series premiere.

Utopia is found

It all starts with a woman learning that a graphic novel Utopia has been found. It’s the sequel to Dystopia, a graphic novel that may have foretold the future. Those who are sure that it did tell the future now believe that Utopia will continue a prediction of events that will happen to the human race.

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The woman texts all her friends. They to head to Chicago to a convention to meet with people who have the graphic novel.

It’s an auction for it. The highest bidder will get it and the woman, Samantha, thinks she has the best plan to get it. However, there’s a much higher bidder who offers the cash right away.

The Penthouse guy gets the graphic novel. That should be it, right? If only!

Someone doesn’t want people seeing Utopia

There are two men wandering around the hotel when the convention is happening. Samantha and her friends have met up at the bar, but the people who sold the graphic novel are partying. The two men head to that room in search for the graphic novel.

When they find out the Penthouse guy has it, the two men kill the partiers and head up to the Penthouse. They also take the list of names of the people who put bids on the graphic novel.

At the Penthouse, they find out the graphic novel is gone. A young boy has taken it and gets away. The two men kill the man and his one-night stand in the Penthouse and then go around the hotel killing all those who put a bid in for the graphic novel.

They don’t find Samantha or her friends since they’re in the bar. They’ll catch up to them later.

Meet Jessica Hyde

While all that is happening, a woman, played by Sasha Lane, gets to the hotel and heads straight to the room where the people who had the graphic novel are. One of the women is still alive and asks for help.

This newcomer shares that she is Jessica Hyde, the main character in Dystopia and its sequel.

If you thought this episode was tame, wait until you get to the second episode. The violence ramps up.

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What did you think of the Utopia series premiere? Is it enough to keep you watching? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Utopia Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.