The Boys Season 2: Who is Liberty?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios /

Liberty was the latest Supe introduced on The Boys Season 2 with a twist

There are major spoilers from The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 in this post.

The Boys Season 2 has brought us more Supes than ever before. The latest Supe introduced was Liberty, but it turns out we’ve already met her.

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Mother’s Milk, Hughie, and Starlight head off on a road trip to find out about a Supe last seen in the 1970s. Grace wanted to know more about her, and the best way to get that information was to talk to Liberty’s last victim.

We quickly learned that Liberty was a racist superhero. If you listened carefully to the flashback scene in The Boys Season 2, Episode 4, you would have recognized the voice. It was the one and only…


Oh yeah, Liberty and Stormfront are the same person. Valerie confirmed that at the end of the episode.

Liberty is a show-only character

While we usually use the source material to figure out a little bit about the characters, we can’t do that for Liberty. She is a creation for The Boys Season 2 and connects to Stormfront’s overall storyline—something that has been heavily adapted from the graphic novels. It’s not just about a gender switch, but the entire storyline has been adapted.

It will all link to this Liberty = Stormfront reveal.

If Liberty is Stormfront, that means Stormfront is, at least, 50 years old. Yet, she looks as young as Queen Maeve. Is this some Compound V miracle? Could this set up some sort of storyline for Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3?

IGN spoke to Eric Kripke about Liberty, who confirmed there is more to Stormfront’s storyline. Vought has a bigger plan, and it sounds like people at Vought moved Stormfront around, changing her appearance and name every now and then. This helps to hide who Stormfront really is, which is going to be important for the upcoming storyline.

What is very clear is that Stormfront is a racist. We knew that with Mouse’s murder, but there is more to it. Get ready to find out what that is!

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What did you think about the Liberty reveal? What do you think Stormfront’s backstory is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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