The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 recap: Who is Liberty?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Liberty is introduced on The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 but not the way you expect

There’s a lot going on in The Boys Season 2, Episode 4. While Mother’s Milk, Hughie, and Starlight take a road trip, Butcher goes in search of his wife. Meanwhile, Homelander pays a visit to someone we thought was dead.

It all opens with the news discussing the superterrorists. All the attacks are being blamed on Mouse, which doesn’t sit right with Kimiko (who later goes to a rally to attack Stormfront but is stopped). Stormfront is taking all the credit, and Homelander isn’t happy about that.

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So, Homelander pays a visit to someone who can help. Madelyn.

Wait, didn’t Madelyn die in The Boys Season 1 finale? How is she back? It doesn’t take long for us to learn it’s Doppelganger who has shifted into Madelyn. By the end of the episode, Homelander realizes he doesn’t need Madelyn or anyone really. Doppelganger shifts into Homelander, thinking Homelander just needs himself. Homelander doesn’t need anyone, though, and he kills Doppelganger.

He’s losing it!

Butcher finds Becca

During the episode, Grace tells Butcher there’s a Supe from the 70s who she wants ot learn more about. She also gives him information on Becca’s whereabouts. Grace can see the pain Butcher is in.

Butcher sends Mother’s Milk to get information about Liberty while he heads off to see Becca.

Naturally, Becca is shocked to see Butcher, but she’s also happy about it. Butcher learns that Becca threatened to kill herself in front of anyone if Homelander killed Butcher, which saved his life that time. However, Homelander is around and it’s not going to work anymore.

Butcher needs to get Becca out there. She’s not leaving Ryan behind, so he offers to bring Ryan with him. In the end, Becca can’t do it. She needs to keep Ryan safe, and this is the best option for now.

Starlight under threat

As Homelander loses it slowly throughout the episode, he attacks Starlight and threatens to kill her. He’s angry she didn’t follow a direct order to kill Hughie, hesitating long enough for The Boys to show up.

Starlight says Hughie broke her heart and she hates him. We all know that’s not the case, but she’s good at hiding her feelings right now. Starlight is handling so much, but she knows one wrong move and she will be dead.

It’s not surprising that Starlight wants to head out on the road trip with Mother’s Milk and Hughie to find out about Liberty, who hasn’t been seen since the 70s. They think they could turn up at a Supe’s door, so it makes sense to have a Supe with them.

What about the chip? Starlight says she has relatives in the area they’re going. She’ll say she’s visiting them.

The road trip is awesome. We see Starlight having fun, get to see Hughie smile for a bit, and we learn a little more about Mother’s Milk’s backstory. There’s also a little bit of bonding between Starlight and Mother’s Milk. Oh, and Starlight and Hughie get back together.

When they turn up at the door of someone who could help shed some light on Liberty, they come across a Black woman who is terrified to speak.

Mother’s Milk is the one who shows compassion and manages to get this woman to talk. It turns out Liberty killed her brother, and it was most definitely a race attack. The Black woman was just a child at the time and the family signed a release with Vought not to talk about it.

However, the woman does have something that will help them find Liberty. Liberty is Stormfront.

A-Train is out, Maeve is forced to come out

We all knew it was coming, right? The Seven is shaking things up and A-Train hasn’t been on his best game recently. Since the heart attack and his reliance on Compound V, Ashley and Homelander tell A-Train he is out of The Seven.

The Seven is everything to A-Train. He’s not going to take this lying down.

While A-Train is out, Queen Maeve is outed by Homelander. They’re doing a news interview denying they knew anything about Compound V, and there’s the discussion of diversity in The Seven. They have A-Train and Black Noir, isn’t that enough?

Well, Homelander goes one step further. He tells everyone Maeve is a lesbian and has a Hispanic girlfriend. Oh yes, Homelander knows everything. He says he’s happy for Maeve, but we know this guy isn’t happy when others are happy.

The Boys
The Boys Season 2 — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Homelander confronts Stormfront

If you thought finding out Liberty and Stormfront are the same people was a big twist, wait until you learn of the other reveal on The Boys Season 2, Episode 4.

Homelander confronts Stormfront about becoming the face of The Seven. Stormfront points out that Homelander doesn’t need people to love him. He needs to get people angry, because that’s what sells.

Homelander isn’t interested in anything Stormfront has to say. The power struggle contines, but there’s clearly more to Stormfront’s story. How did she go from Liberty to Stormfront, and what exactly does she really want?

What’s with all the women?

Throughout the episode, we get flashes of women talking about what love means. They talk about the perfect partner. What the hell is going on?

That’s finally explained at the end of The Boys Season 2, Episode 4. The Deep has been interviewing women about relationships. It turns out The Church of the Collective is trying to find him a wife. This is the way back into The Seven.

Say what?

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