When will The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 be on Amazon Prime Video?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

When can you watch The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 on Amazon Prime Video?

We’re used to our Amazon Original shows being released all at once. That’s not been the case for The Boys Season 2. The first three episodes have dropped, and now we’re waiting for Episode 4.

It’s going to be an intense wait. It’s time to remember what it was like waiting for all your favorite shows to be released weekly instead of getting to binge-watch on streaming services. In a way, it’s fun because get to look back at the previous episode. In another way, it’s frustrating because we have to wait.

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When will The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 be on Amazon Prime Video? What time can you start streaming the episode?

Look out for the new episode on Thursday night

The official release date is Friday, Sept. 11. However, many of you will know that The Boys Season 2, Episodes 1 to 3 were released a bit early. As we predicted, the episodes were released on Thursday, Sept. 3, hours before midnight. Remember, all Amazon Originals are usually released at midnight GMT, which means we get them earlier.

Since Episode 4 is coming at midnight GMT on Friday, Sept. 11. That means we’re likely to get it at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Sept. 10.

What to expect on The Boys Season 2, Episode 4

So, where are we in the story? The last we left The Boys, they’d faced a major blow. After a fight in the storm drains, Kimiko and Mouse took on Stormfront. That led to Mouse’s death, and we now know that Stormfront is most definitely a racist.

Mouse’s death causes a problem for Butcher. He needed to get Mouse to Grace to get help to find Becca. Does this mean he’s not going to find where his wife is after all?

Meanwhile, The Seven and Vought have a major issue. Everyone knows about Compound V. This could put the company at risk, but the superterrorists on American shores may change that. Stormfront certainly has a way of rallying the people, which is scary considering she’s a racist. Expect this to get worse before it gets better.

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What do you hope to see on The Boys Season 2, Episode 4? What are your questions after the first three episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.