The Boys Season 3: Who is Soldier Boy in the comics?

The Boys season 2 Homelander key art. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
The Boys season 2 Homelander key art. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

What can we expect from Soldier Boy on The Boys Season 3 based on the comics?

There’s a new Supe in town. Well, there will be in The Boys Season 3. Soldier Boy is joining the fray.

Jensen Ackles is playing the role of the superhero. Of course, it’s led to a lot of questions about who Soldier Boy is in the comics.

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One thing we will say is there’s no guarantee that the show will follow the comics exactly. After all, Stormfront is definitely not the Nazi male Supe in the graphic novels. There’s a chance that we’ll see a few changes to Soldier Boy, possibly combining the two different versions in the comics. After all, we’re told Soldier Boy in the series is from World War II, but that character died during World War II in the comics.

Two Soldier Boys?

The first Soldier Boy was supposed to serve in the Second World War. He ended up being untrained and a liability, leading to the Germans killing his team.

This Soldier Boy was killed by a grenade. The title and the costume have been passed down to others over the years.

In the graphic novels, Soldier Boy is the first Supe to gain celebrity status. He’s viewed as the leader of Payback, a second-rate Seven, although Stormfront is more powerful and actually the one in charge. The current one is a coward and easily scared. He also has a dream of getting into The Seven, even sleeping with Homelander for the promise of it.

Soldier Boy doesn’t have a positive ending in The Boys. Payback as a whole doesn’t have a positive ending, and that includes Stormfront. It will certainly be interesting to see if the series follows this particular storyline to the end. We may only have Jensen Ackles for a season.

What are Soldier Boy’s powers in The Boys?

Soldier Boy doesn’t have all that many powers, especially when you compare him to the likes of Homelander, Stormfront, and even Starlight. He is strong and agile. He is also known for his durability and superhuman healing abilities.

Many people in the world of The Boys believe that he ages slowly, like Stormfront. However, it’s later revealed that this is just what Vought wants people to think. The shield is passed on.

Who is Payback?

Soldier Boy is a take on Captain America. Payback as a whole is a take on The Avengers, viewed as a second-rate Justice League. It’s the whole DC vs. Marvel thing.

Soldier Boy carries a shield to protect the team, but he doesn’t have the military training Captain America does in the Marvel comics. He’s also definitely not as brave.

There are other members similar to the Avengers in Payback. Tek Knight is The Boys‘s version of Iron Man and Stormfront is Thor. There’s also Eagle the Archer (Hawkeye), Crimson Countess (Scarlet Witch), Mind-Droid (Vision), and Swatto (Ant-Man/Hank Pym).

How will Soldier Boy fit into The Boys Season 3?

The debate now is how The Boys Season 3 will bring in the character. Stormfront has become the newest member of The Seven instead of introducing Payback. She is giving Homelander a run for his money when it comes to being the face of The Boys, and he’s not going to like it.

There have been a few Supes from other groups introduced along the way. There will also be more introduced throughout the second season. It’s possible that we’ll get Payback as a team, or we could see Soldier Boy become a new member of The Seven. Could something happen to Homelander or Stormfront to make room for him? How about Queen Maeve to replace strength for strength?

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What do you hope to see from Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3? What do you expect to come in from the comics? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 4.