Onward and 5 great DVD and Blu-ray releases this week: May 19

Onward (2020). Photo: Disney/Pixar
Onward (2020). Photo: Disney/Pixar /

There are some excellent movies on DVD and Blu-ray this week. Onward is just one of the five that you need to get on May 19.

It’s a new week of DVD and Blu-ray releases. After a quiet April, May has already proven to be an exciting month of movies and TV shows coming to DVD. This week is no different. Here are the 5 top picks for May 19.

There is something for everyone out this week. Whether you want the latest season in a favorite period drama or you want to grab something for the kids, you’ll find something on this list.

5. Emma

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Sometimes you need a comedy, and that’s what you get with this Focus Features movie. Emma stars Anna Taylor-Joy as the titular character, a young woman who is unlucky in love. Well, that’s what it seems like on the outside. She’s just not meeting the guys she likes and make sure she’s “unlucky” in love.

Based on the novel by Jane Austen, this is the perfect movie for period drama movie fans. You’ll want to make sure you’re ready for comedy, though.

4. The Way Back

For those who want something a little more serious, it’s all about the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Way Back. Ben Affleck is outstanding in this movie that is certainly more than about basketball. The basketball elements are simply a way to allow the character to grow and realize there’s something out there.

It is close to home for Affleck, whose own marriage to Jennifer Garner deteriorated due to his alcohol addiction. This is arguably Affleck’s best movie ever and one you need to watch.

3. Call the Midwife Season 9

Fans of the first eight seasons will be happy to hear that Call the Midwife Season 9 is now available to purchase. It picks up in 1965 with the death of Winston Churchill. Naturally, it rocks the midwives at Nonnatus House, but there is still work to be done.

What doesn’t help is a power outage. What else could possibly go wrong? You’ll be able to find out and check out all the bonus features with the latest release.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

Need something for the kids? Look no further than the next two DVD and Blu-ray options. Sonic the Hedgehog is up first. While it did get a lot of criticism, sometimes I do think people forget who the movie is made for and why it’s been made. This is for the children and fans of the video game, offering Easter eggs galore.

My kids loved it when we rented the Digital copy. It’s certainly one for the DVD shelves. Now we’re waiting for the sequel, because it’s clear there’s a set up for one.

1. Onward

Finally, Disney Pixar has the top DVD and Blu-ray release for the week. Now is the time to own Onward. Of course, you may wonder why when it’s on Disney Plus but in the long run, owning it will cost you less.

The story is about two brothers on a quest to bring their dad back. They have 24 hours and then their dad is gone forever. Will they succeed? What will they learn along the way?

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What are you getting on DVD and Blu-ray this week? Which is your number one release? Share in the comments below.

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