Is Saltburn coming to Amazon after theaters?

Saltburn -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Saltburn -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Saltburn is currently out in theaters, but this is a psychological thriller you’ll want to watch again at home. Which streaming platform is it going to?

If you love psychological thrillers, Saltburn is going to be on the list of movies to check out. It’s currently out in theaters, but it will head to a streaming platform in the near future.

The movie gives us a dark look at the world of privilege. Oliver Quick is a student at Oxford University and is struggling to find his place. When Felix Catton, a charming aristocrat, invites him to his family’s estate, Saltburn, Oliver thinks that he has found a way into a friendship group. However, he ends up with a summer he’ll never forget, and not for any good reasons.

Is Saltburn on Prime Video?

The movie is currently in theaters, but it will head to a streaming platform afterward. The great news is that this is going to be Prime Video.

You see, the movie is an Amazon Studios release. Like Air, it has had a theatrical release first. There isn’t a set date for the Prime Video release just yet.

Is Saltburn on Amazon Video?

It’s hard to say if Amazon will release this movie on Digital. There are high chances that this won’t happen considering the movie is heading to the streaming platform. We just have to look at Air, which hasn’t been released on Digital. That takes people away from Prime Video.

However, there is a great chance that the movie will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. We saw the Ben Affleck movie go to theaters and then get a DVD release. This isn’t common with Amazon movies, though, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this.

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Saltburn is currently out in theaters.