Tales from the Loop Episode 6 recap: Parallel worlds

Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

We meet Gaddis on Tales from the Loop Episode 6, focusing on his story and adventure. Here’s a recap of the events, as he journeys to a parallel world.

Tales from the Loop Episode 6 gives us Gaddis’s story. He’s the security guard who sent word to Loretta when Young Loretta was looking for Alma. Here’s a look back at his episode, involving a parallel world.

Like previous episodes, the science fiction in this story is a way to bring about a deeper story. Gaddis has found a tractor in the middle of a field. It’s broken and he enlists May’s help to fix it. As soon as he fixes it, he starts it up and it sucks him into some sort of portal. When the tractor breaks after the journey (a journey Gaddis doesn’t initially know that he’s taken), he is disappointed and heads back home.

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Now, Gaddis is a lonely man. When at dinner with Loretta and her husband, he mentions that it must be nice coming home to the lights being on. He wants to find a connection with someone, so being transported to an alternate world seems perfect for him. Not only does he run into another version of himself but he runs into Alex, the man in the picture that he found in the tractor.

Gaddis #2 and Alex try to get Gaddis #1 back home, but after fixing the tractor again, it does nothing. The theory is that The Loop in Gaddis #1’s world opened up a hole that sucked through the tractor. Without the Loop in World #2, it looks like Gaddis #1 can’t get back. Is that a bad thing?

Alex is a man of Gaddis #1’s dreams. This is a man who he has written all his feelings about in a journal. So when he finally gets to meet Alex, he’s sure that his dreams are becoming true. It’s even more special when Alex tells Gaddis that he’s not happy with Gaddis #2 and wants to be with our Gaddis #1.

Photo: Tales from the Loop – Credit: Jan Thijs – Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Tales from the Loop – Credit: Jan Thijs – Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

When Gaddis #2 heads to work one day (not at The Loop because that shut down years ago in this world), Gaddis #1 heads to the house and has a steamy day with Alex. After that, Gaddis decides it’s time to tell Alex how he feels and hands over his journal. He waits all night for Alex’s response but it’s Gaddis #2 who turns up with the journal.

Gaddis #2 makes it clear that Alex isn’t perfect. Alex sleeps with other men all the time. Gaddis just puts up with it because nobody is perfect. It’s clear that half having someone is better than not having anyone at all.

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Gaddis #2 still wants his doppelganger to remain in the annex, but it’s not something Gaddis #1 can do. He can’t watch them be happy and not find someone himself. Without being able to get back home, he leaves the house and decides to figure things out himself.

When he gets to a diner he meets Kent, a man that he’d met in his own world and was interested in—but it didn’t seem like they had a lot in common. Well, it turns out both men are birders. Kent is in the area looking for a specific bird that is supposed to be extinct and Gaddis had heard a bird that he didn’t recognize. Could this be the bird?

We’ll never find out. However, we left Gaddis on Tales from the Loop talking to Kent in the diner. Maybe he can find company in this alternate world.

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