Tales from the Loop Season 1, Episode 1 recap: A time loop?

Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Tales from the Loop Season 1, Episode 1 introduced us to a handful of characters and set the stage for science fiction. Here’s a recap of the events.

Tales from the Loop is the latest Amazon Original, bringing us a sci-fi story with a lot of heart. The series premiere kicks off the events with an introduction into The Loop, the item in the middle of a small town that is making science fiction become real.

The first episode introduces a handful of characters. Some of them are just side characters that we’ll get to know more in later episodes. This episode is mostly focused on a young girl called Loretta. Her mother, Alma, works at “The Loop” but she and the house go missing one day while Loretta is at school.

If that wasn’t odd enough, it turns out that Alma didn’t work at The Loop. However, Loretta knows better. She’s sure her mother worked there since her mother had stolen a piece of something called “the eclipse” for an experiment.

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Meeting Cole and his mom

When she realizes her house has disappeared, Loretta goes in search for her mother. That’s when she meets Cole, a young boy throwing stones at a robot. After telling him to stop, she continues her search and finds a house where everything is slowly floating up to the sky.

All of these small elements will play a part in later episodes, so keep them in mind. For now, we’re focused on Loretta’s search for her mom, which takes her to Cole’s house.

She overhears an argument between Cole’s mother and grandfather. The grandfather, Russ, comments that Cole’s mom should know better than to shout at him while he tries to ask a question, and it’s clear that Russ has a bigger part in all this. After all, it sounds like Russ was the one who saw Alma the day before Alma’s disappearance and knew Alma had stolen the eclipse.

Loretta then heads off to The Loop, where she learns her mother never worked there. That couldn’t be possible, right? We know she worked there because she stole the eclipse from there. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the security guard phones Cole’s mom and tells her that Loretta is looking for Alma. Cole’s mom knows something.

Loretta learns the truth

Back at Cole’s house, Loretta goes snooping in his mom’s study. In a drawer, she finds an old test paper. It’s the same paper Loretta got an A on in school. What’s Cole’s mom’s name?


Cole’s mom is Loretta grown up. We find out that there’s some sort of time loop going on.

Adult Loretta thought Alma going missing had all been a dream. Now that she knows differently, she heads out to find her younger self and tells the full tale. Alma did go missing and hasn’t come back ever. However, Loretta has never stopped trying to figure out what was going on.

Adult Loretta takes her younger self to The Loop and straight to the eclipse, which is the heart of The Loop. Young Loretta is able to return the stolen piece, but does this mean the mysterious events are over?

Oh, you know it’s not!

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