Tales from the Loop Episode 3 recap: Freezing time

Photo: Nicole Law as May in Tales from the Loop - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Nicole Law as May in Tales from the Loop - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

Tales from the Loop Episode 3 tells May’s story, as she finds love and searches for answers about a strange device. Here’s a recap of the events.

When May finds a strange torch-like device in the lake, she can’t help but figure out how it works on Tales from the Loop Episode 3. Meanwhile, she learns more about life and love.

It all starts with May (who we met in Episode 2 and is now dating Jakob/Danny) playing with some torch-like device, but it’s not long before we learn that she finds it in the lake. It’s got a broken part, so May needs to figure out how it works.

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While at the lake, she sees a boy from school. They end up talking at a wedding and it’s not long before they start to gain feelings for each other. However, life together isn’t easy when May comes from such a traditional family and she’s also still dating Jakob.

The boy, Ethan, helps her steal an item from someone presumably working for The Loop. This is the item she needs to fix her device. When she wears a bracelet from the device and turns it on, everything around her is frozen.

This is the way for May and Ethan to be together. There are two bracelets. So the two can wear them and freeze time around them. The entire town is frozen.

They decide to spend a few days with time frozen. When they decide it’s time to turn the world back on (or more like the freezing back off) nothing happens. The crystal device that May had previously stolen has burned out. Now they need to find another one.

While searching for a new one, May finds out her mother has been having an affair. For some, it might not have been that surprising. After all, May’s mom clearly wasn’t happy in the marriage anymore. However, May is angry and harsh words are said between Ethan and May.

May goes to find Ethan to apologize, only to find out he’d removed the bracelet. Ethan is now frozen in time as well. When May turns the machine off to unfreeze time, everything she said to apologize has been left unheard. Ethan is still angry with her and she can’t bring herself to apologize again. He broke his promise to not leave her. And when they see each other a few days later, “I love you” isn’t enough for May to get back with Ethan.

It’s the end of another story in Tales from the Loop.

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