Tales from the Loop Episode 2 recap: The body switch

Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

Two friends find something that means they can switch bodies on Tales from the Loop Episode 2. What happens when they switch for a day?

When two friends find a device that can make them switch bodies on Tales from the Loop Episode 3, they decide to switch bodies for a day. What could possibly go wrong?

If you could be someone else for one day, would you make a switch? It’s something Danny and Jacob have do decide. For a connection back to the Tales from the Loop series premiere, Jakob is Lorette’s elder son. Out of anyone, she would probably understand the current situation but nobody knows that she’s come across the younger version of herself.

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Anyway, Jakob and Danny decide to be each other for a day. It’s clearly Danny’s idea mostly, who isn’t happy with his life. He wants to work at The Loop, but his grades aren’t good enough. He doesn’t have the connections that Jakob has (whose grandfather runs The Loop). So, it’s not all that surprising when Danny decides that he doesn’t actually want to switch back.

Initially, he says he wants one more day. However, Jakob really wants to switch back. He doesn’t want the life that is set up for Danny; a life working at the quarry instead of at the Loop. Jakob misses his parents, his brother, and his whole situation.

So, Jakob decides to head back to the device and get inside. Would that switch bodies?

It turns out that there seems to need to be someone on the other side of the device to switch to. When “Danny” is missing, the real Danny in Jakob’s body heads out to the device to see if that’s where his friend has gone. Sure enough, Jacob got inside and now Danny’s body is just a shell.

Nobody but the real Danny knows what happened. So, Danny heads back out to the device once more time while his body is connected to machines in the hospital. However, the device is being stripped apart, likely by people who work at The Loop. Does Russ (Jacob’s grandfather) know what happened?

Danny decides to use his life as Jakob to his advantage. He can now work at The Loop and has parents who want to support him. It just all seems empty when Jakob is just gone.

We end the episode on a somber but sci-fi note. That night, Danny sees something outside his bedroom window. It’s a robot and Danny immediately knows that it is Jakob. Somehow, Jakob’s soul has ended up inside the robot—the robot that Cole was throwing rocks at during the series premiere.

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