Tales from the Loop Episode 5 recap: A story of grief

Photo: Tales from the Loop - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Tales from the Loop - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

Tales from the Loop Episode 5 picks up off the back of the second episode. We follow Danny’s family as they deal with the grief of losing him.

Tales from the Loop doesn’t need to be watched in episode order. In fact, sometimes, you want to skip to other episodes to continue the story of a particular family. That’s the case when it comes to Episode 5, which continues on from the story of Danny and Jakob in Episode 2.

While there is a connection back to Episode 3 during the episode, it’s just a quick mention when talking about break-ins. You don’t need to actually watch the third episode to understand anything. Instead, this is mostly a story about grief, fear, and family.

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It picks up with Danny’s dad, who is just trying to live through his grief. His mom tries to do the same, while his sister, Beth, isn’t as affected. She knows that Danny is actually in Jakob’s body, but more on that in a minute.

As Danny’s parents just try to survive, they are also feeling the weight of the medical bills. Those bills are pushing them into bankruptcy, but they try to do everything they can for Beth.

When Danny’s dad notices someone outside the home one night, he and Danny’s mom are rocked with fear. Danny’s dad chooses to get an advance from work and buy a robot scrapper, and he patrols the house each night.

If you thought it would be Danny/Jakob outside the house, you’d be right. Jakob visits Beth each night, communicating through the window to share updates on the life in the family. One night, Jakob brings Beth’s toy (which had been stolen by some youths) back and leaves it in the garage for her. When Beth goes to get it, her dad hears the noise and almost hurts her with the scrapper.

Beth’s mom takes them away, leaving her dad behind at a house with no electricity. He decides it’s time to move on. Apologizing to Danny’s body for not fixing him, he takes the scrapper back to where he bought it and uses the money to fix the wiring that had been overpowered in the house. With the electricity back on, he phones his wife and gets her to come back home.

The family returns to one house, trying to move forward in their grief as best they can. After all, their lives have to move forward even though their son’s can’t.

It’s another haunting and bittersweet tale. While others have used the science fiction to start the story, this is one that starts with family and grief. The science fiction in the form of a robot (which isn’t all that out of the ordinary when you think of technology today) is just a way to pull a family apart before putting it back together.

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