Tales from the Loop Episode 4 recap: Life and death

Photo: Jonathan Pryce as Russ in Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV
Photo: Jonathan Pryce as Russ in Tales from the Loop - Credit: Jan Thijs - Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

Young Cole learns about life and death on Tales from the Loop Episode 4. Here’s a look at the events of the heartbreaking episode.

It’s a difficult episode for Cole on Tales from the Loop Episode 4. He learns about death, while also discovering something strange about The Loop. Here’s a look at the events of the episode.

The episode starts with Russ and his wife babysitting their grandson, Cole. It’s clear that Cole is close to his grandfather, and Russ enjoys having his grandson over. The two spend time playing, gardening, and more. It makes it all the more harder when Cole finds out that Russ is dying.

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How does he find out? It’s through one of the science fiction anomalies in town. There’s an abandoned sphere that tells someone how long they will live. Cole gets six echoes getting older each time, suggesting another six decades. Russ doesn’t have one echo.

Cole refuses to believe that his grandfather is going to die. The Loop can do all sorts of things. Surely it can save his grandfather.

So, when Russ ends up in hospital, Cole goes to the Loop and gets in through a back entrance; an entrance that a Robot Jakob is watching. Cole makes it to the Eclipse, where Loretta (who is taking over the running of The Loop) finds him. We get a connection back to the first episode, but Loretta can’t have her son around; it’s too dangerous right now. Plus, The Loop can’t save Russ.

Sadly, nothing can save Russ. He dies towards the end of the episode, but life must go on. Cole heads back to the Echo Sphere, where we get a glimpse of the life that is to come for him.

Each of the episodes have been heartfelt and grounded, but they’ve also been bittersweet. This one was just heartbreaking for young Cole. He goes through a range of emotions as he tries to deal with his grandfather’s illness and death, but it’s clear there is more to come with him and the mysteries of The Loop.

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