Amazon should save Ray Donovan for a final season

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan in RAY DONOVAN, "You'll Never Walk Alone". Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME.
Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan in RAY DONOVAN, "You'll Never Walk Alone". Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME. /

SHOWTIME made a shocking decision to cancel Ray Donovan. It needs a final season for closure, and Amazon needs to offer the series that.

SHOWTIME made a shocking decision earlier this month to cancel Ray Donovan. We knew that there was a chance an eighth season would be the last, but we didn’t expect the network to cancel it right now. Now it’s time for Amazon to step in and save the show.

Really, Amazon just needs to save the show for one more season. It could be stated immediately that it’s for a final season to allow the show to wrap up all those loose ends. And there are plenty of them.

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When writing Ray Donovan Season 7, nobody expected it to be the last. The ending was set up more as a midseason finale, according to TVLine, which means a cliffhanger and lots of questions. Everyone thought the show would get a final season to wrap things up. After all, the ratings were good.

Sure, the live ratings were down from the previous season, but that’s not uncommon. However, according to TV Series Finale, the show was second out of all SHOWTIME series. It was even ahead of Shameless, which was picked up for an 11th and final season to wrap up the storylines. It’s not surprising that everyone thought an eighth and final season for Ray Donovan would happen.

Fans want to know how it all ends. They deserve a wrapped up ending after spending seven years with the characters. Many are angry and upset. Amazon could easily offer one more season knowing that it would be a good decision. Even fans who didn’t have Prime to be able to get SHOWTIME through Amazon Channels would end up getting Amazon Prime to see how it all ends.

While it may not seem initially like a good idea, there’s more guarantee of subscribers for Ray Donovan than there would be for any new series. And we’ve seen success when the network has saved a show. Just look at The Expanse. Give fans something they need, Amazon!

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What questions do you need answering from Ray Donovan? Would you get Amazon Prime just to see the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ray Donovan Seasons 1 to 7 are available on SHOWTIME through Amazon Channels.