10 best shows on Showtime Amazon Channel

Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /
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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MAY 14: Don Cheadle and Regina Hall during the panel discussion at the FYC Red Carpet Event For Showtime “Black Monday” at Saban Media Center on May 14, 2019 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /

Do you have the Showtime channel add-on for Prime? If so, you might be trying to decide what to watch. Here are 10 excellent shows available to you.

It’s summertime, most network television shows are officially on hiatus, Game of Thrones is over, what are you going to do with all your extra free time? If you have Amazon Prime then you’re in luck since Amazon is always adding to its extensive library. But if you consider adding on the Showtime channel, you’ll also get access to tons of premium cable drama series.

Whether you’re looking for a comedy, drama, mystery, horror, or combination, Showtime’s add-on has exactly what you’re looking for! Here are ten television series you can watch through your Prime Showtime channel that I highly recommend.

10. Black Monday

In 1987 the international stock markets crashed, causing a devastating ripple effect on the worldwide economy. Showtime’s Black Monday chronicles the events leading up to that fateful day by following the lives of employees at a trading firm called The Jammer Group.

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Don Cheadle stars as Maurice “Mo” Monroe, the head of The Jammer Group. He and Dawn (Regina Hall) try to keep things afloat even as the fast-paced world of stock market trades threatens to swallow them whole.

Black Monday is a short-form dark comedy with some dramatic elements. The first season has performed pretty well for Showtime, with the season finale airing last month. It has been renewed for a second season.

I admit I don’t know much at all about stock or economics, but you don’t need to to get invested in the series. There is a central mystery at its heart. In the opening moments of the pilot episode, we see a body fall from a building and crash land on a car. The only hint we get as to the identity of said body is a close-up of an emerald tie pin. Throughout the season, the tie pin is constantly shifting hands, keeping you in suspense about who will ultimately take the fall.

Regina Hall and Don Cheadle are the stand-out characters, with both actors providing Emmy-worthy performances but Andrew Rannells and Casey Wilson are also great additions to the cast.