The Aeronauts release date pushed back: What does this mean for Amazon Studios?

THE AERONAUTS -- Photo credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Ginsberg/Libby PR
THE AERONAUTS -- Photo credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Ginsberg/Libby PR /

Amazon Studios has pushed back the release date for its highly anticipated movie, The Aeronauts. That news comes with a release date on Prime Video.

If you were looking forward to the Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones-led Amazon Studios movie, The Aeronauts, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Initially set for an October release date, the movie has now been pushed back by two months. There’s also bad news if you wait a few weeks to see movies in theaters, but great news for Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

The Aeronauts will now be released in theaters on Dec. 6, 2019, according to Deadline. It’s deeper into the awards season, which could mean great things. However, this is unlikely the reason for the push back. It’s all about the Prime Video release.

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The movie will only get a short theatrical release in the United States. Amazon will put the movie on Prime Video on Dec. 20. The plan follows that of The Report starring Adam Driver, which is intended to help big movies reach the largest audience possible in the shortest period of time. With the Dec. 20 arrival, families can watch The Aeronauts at home over Christmas.

It’s a telling sign for the future of Amazon Studios. It makes sense to release movies directly on Prime Video after a short theatrical release. The release in theaters means that the movie is still eligible for many awards, including the Oscars, but the almost immediate release on streaming makes the Amazon Prime subscription more worthwhile.

Amazon is going to be competing with Disney+, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, and NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service very soon. It needs to offer something that makes the streaming service worthwhile, and exclusive movies and TV shows is certainly the way to go.

This isn’t going to happen with every movie. Late Night was released last month in theaters and still hasn’t made it to Prime Video yet and Brittany Runs a Marathon is still slated to get a full-length theatrical release before moving to Prime Video. However, it’s clear that Amazon Studios is willing to put Prime arrivals to the test for big movies.

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What do you think of the pushed back release date? Are you excited to see The Aeronauts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Aeronauts will now be released in theaters on Dec. 6, 2019 and on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 20, 2019.