Jack Ryan season 1, episode 4 recap: Consequences

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Jack Ryan brings consequences and loss in “The Wolf” as we hit the midway point in the season.

Jack Ryan picks up in France with Ali heading to the rendezvous point as he’s being tracked. Jack and Greer are in separate cars with the local authorities following Ali. Sandrine starts asking Jack about his life and gets him to more confidently ask Cathy out.

We get a look at Cathy’s work life and she tells one of her co-workers about Jack asking her out. She’s clearly conflicted about it since he isn’t her usual type. Plus, he used to work for her dad and aside from the helicopter ride apparently seems pretty ordinary to her.

While Jack and Sandrine get gas, Lt. Cluzet and Greer find Ali’s car. They realize that he’s switched vehicles and the one he stole is at the gas station. Ali sees Jack looking into the vehicle and takes a shot just as Sandrine warns Jack. However, Sandrine gets shot and Jack goes to follow Ali. Ali gives Jack no choice other than to shoot him. When he gets back to the gas station, Sandrine is already dead.

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When Jack and Greer get back to D.C., Jack goes out with Cathy. He knows the guy who runs the restaurant, Buster. He introduces Cathy to him and tells her a story about drinking his first beer there. She remembers his lengthy fake job title (something I can’t even do) and he tells her that the job is pretty boring. Jack goes back to Cathy’s place, clearly taking Greer’s advice to not take his work home with him.

In Syria, we learn that Suleiman has been recruiting militia. However, he ends up taking the Americans and Al Radwan’s men, too. He hadn’t paid them in month’s, so Suleiman easily buys them off. He takes the prisoners back to his compound and beats Al Radwan in front of everyone including Samir.

Back in Paris, we see the funeral for Father Joseph, who was stabbed in the alleyway, and the church is completely packed. Intertwined with that is footage of the gas being put together to release and it looks like the church is the target for the attack. Three men walk out and trigger the devices. Chaos ensues and people start dropping like flies in the final scene.

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The show picked up with more threats in this episode and we see the consequences of them. Suleiman gets what he wants and the attack on the church proceeds as planned. However, we don’t see Suleiman finding out that Ali is dead, so it’ll be interesting to see his reaction to that. He’s been composed whenever we see him, but the loss of his brother could change that.

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