Jack Ryan season 1, episode 2 recap: Off to Paris

JACK RYAN -- Photo credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Persona PR
JACK RYAN -- Photo credit: Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Persona PR /

Jack Ryan continues to chase Suleiman in the season’s second episode.

Jack Ryan is taking us all around the world in the show’s first season as we get a scene in Paris, France to kick off the second episode. We see a priest murdered in an alleyway before we return to Langley. There’s a huge meeting about what happened in Yemen and Jack informs them that Suleiman is not ISIS.

After Suleiman parts ways with his brother, we see Jack go get himself checked out. He visits Cathy after his appointment and she tells him that she asked her dad about him. After he returns to work, he starts looking at her Instagram feed and checking out articles about her while he tries to figure out the passcode for Suleiman’s phone.

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In a meeting with Nathan Singer, Jack discusses how he’d get to Suleiman. Singer wants him to be the in-house point person with the task force that they’re putting together. While he’s mulling it over, Suleiman returns home to his family.

Jack goes back to work trying to figuring out the 8-digit passcode when Greer returns. He tells Jack that he’s going to pack up, but he notices something on the video before he does. Greer notices that Suleiman had been locked up and some point and they find out that he was in jail and his passcode is his prison number.

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Jack Ryan
Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV /

Suleiman’s phone had four numbers in it and they’re all from Paris. Jack and Greer are sent to Paris to pick him up, but Singer isn’t all too happy with the choice Jack makes. He sticks with Greer and won’t do the op without him.

Back in Yemen, Yazid was eyeing Sara during their meal and later, he finds her looking around. Her brother thankfully walks up and gives her a chance to get out of the situation. Hanin tells her that she won’t let anyone hurt her. She talks to her husband about it later and he doesn’t seem too concerned about the men having around.

Jack and Greer show up in Paris with Matice, who says his name is Garth and Jack gives him a look as he does so. The local authorities have been tracking the number and they all suit up to go after Suleiman. The location that they head to is where Suleiman’s brother is and he gets everyone cleared out of the apartment. He then holds up a vest full of explosives and one of the women volunteers to wear it.

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Things are a bloodbath in the apartment as lives are lost on both sides. Jack notices the brother leaving and follows him out of the building by himself. It doesn’t seem like a smart move, but he loses him in the crowd of people. The final scene is the bomb going off up in the apartment and we’re left not knowing the status of anyone inside, including Greer.

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