Jack Ryan season 1, episode 3 recap: Escape route

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video /

Plenty of people have reason to escape in the third episode of Jack Ryan. The show continues to unravel more secrets.

The third episode of Jack Ryan picks up where the second left off. The aftermath of the explosion is being dealt with. We then travel to Braideej, Syria where we see a father and son praying together. The father leaves and winds up being blown to pieces by a drone. The authorities find out that Ali is Suleiman’s brother. Greer isn’t too pleased when he finds out that Jack chased him out and didn’t shoot him.

Hanin gets passports for her and her children from Fathi, but Yazid was lurking nearby. Meanwhile, Ali is resting up and he had gone to someone he knows for help instead of a hospital. We see pictures of his past and it was him and his brother in those flashbacks to 1983.

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Victor Polizzi, the drone operator from earlier, has 107 kills based on the number he puts on his latest dollar bill. He then takes the money to a casino. He places a risky bet after a few bets at the roulette table that gets him $29,400. Although, he doesn’t look thrilled about it. He takes a couple that he meets at the casino back to his place where the husband watches his wife have sex with Victor and then he proceeds to beat him up. Victor wants him to take the money, but he won’t.

Ali communicates with his brother through a video game to let him know that he’s with Omer and that both the French and American authorities are looking for him. They have a rendezvous point set up and he’s told to leave no witnesses. The look on his face tells us that he knows he should do it but really doesn’t want to.

Jack and Greer follow a lead. Greer heads into a mosque to ask if anyone has seen Ali. He finds one of the boys who was at Omer’s place and they find him and his boys still alive. It’s nice to know that Ali at least has some humanity left in him.

Jack RYan
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Suleiman is enjoying being home with his family, even if Hanin doesn’t feel the same. He tells the kids about how he proposed to her. Sara and Hanin trade looks as he tells the story and they speak volumes about how each of them is feeling. The story leads up to him knowing about the passports, which is no surprise since Yazid was lurking earlier. He throws them in the fireplace.

Omer is questioned by the cops and tells them the truth about helping Ali since he was a doctor. The boys argue over the game and mention that neither of them like it, so Jack figures out that Ali was using it for a reason other than just playing a game. Ali took Omer’s car and that’s the only real new information we get from him.

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Hanin decides to leave without the passports and isn’t able to get Samir to come with them. He runs and tells his dad, who isn’t thrilled with Fathi for them being able to just leave. He wants him to go track them down. However, their car breaks down and they need to walk the rest of the way to the nearby town.

Jack and Greer are at DGSI Headquarters when they find Ali by tracking Omer’s car. Jack insists that they follow him instead of snatching him. This will allow them to get whoever he’s meeting up with, too. It’s a smart move in order to get more out of their efforts.

Hanin and the girls make it to town, but Yazid and Fathi come looking for them. Things get messy when Yazid shoots Fathi just after Hanin tell him to kill Yazid. It’s an unfortunate event, but Victor was watching the whole situation and disobeyed orders to save Hanin from being raped by Yazid by blowing up the area once Hanin gets herself away.

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There are several moving pieces to this puzzle right now and it’s continuing to keep things fairly interesting. Jack Ryan might not be the best show out there right now, but it’s one that deserves a shot, so I’m in for the entire season. It’s only 8 episodes, so it’s an easy show to get through fairly quickly.

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