Sound of Metal is streaming on Amazon Prime Video tonight

SOUND OF METALCourtesy of Amazon Studios
SOUND OF METALCourtesy of Amazon Studios /

There isn’t long left until you can watch Sound of Metal on Amazon

Sound of Metal is the first Amazon Original arriving this month. It’s coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.

You’ll be able to start streaming Sound of Metal from midnight in your local area at the latest. While global originals often arrive early, this is a U.S.-only Amazon Original.

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This is a heartbreakingly beautiful movie that focuses on loss and acceptance, but not in the form of the loss of another person. It’s a story of growth and learning to deal with a new disability.

Riz Ahmed plays Ruben Stone, a heavy-metal drummer who is happy with the life that he has. When he starts to lose his hearing and learns that this is going to be permanent, he fears the worst. Who is he without music, without the band he performs in?

His girlfriend, Lou, fears the worse. Not only is Ruben losing everything he thinks is important to him, but he is a recovering addict. She fears that he will turn to his addiction again, so finds him somewhere to go to heal and learn to cope with who he is becoming.

Sound of Metal is a story of acceptance and rebirth

Ruben heads to a place that is for those fighting addiction. Everyone there is also deaf. Ruben has a chance to find a new way of life, accepting his new disability but not letting it overpower him.

He is not alone in the world. He is not the only person to face what he has.

Everyone has good and bad days, but the aim is to have more good than bad. It’s time to learn to be someone new while being Ruben at the same time. Life isn’t over.

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Sound of Metal is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.