Alex Rider Season 1 finale recap: Which was the right Alex?

Everything that happened in the Alex Rider Season 1 finale

And so we get to the end of Alex Rider Season 1. The episode certainly leaves us with a few questions at the end, but there’s one major one to answer throughout the episode. Who is the right Alex?

The end of the previous episode showed us that Alex Rider was still at Point Blanc. We had no idea which one was the clone and which one was Alex.

However, the episode quickly revealed the truth to us. The Alex at Point Blanc was the clone, and he made his way to London looking for revenge. The real Alex and the DSO took his family.

Tom has to figure out the truth

Clone Alex put on the uniform and headed to the school. Of course, he was careful not to run into Real Alex (yeah, we’ll distinguish this way throughout the Alex Rider Season 1 finale recap), but he did run into Tom and a few others.

Clone Alex was mean. He wanted to get people angry, push everyone away from Real Alex.

And it was working. Real Alex had no idea what was going on, but everyone hated him for the things he said. That included Tom, who ended up in a room alone with Clone Alex. Clone Alex video called Real Alex making it clear that he would kill Tom if Real Alex didn’t get there in time.

What is Scorpio?

While all this happened, the DSO handed Dr. Greif over to those who would torture him until he broke. They needed to find out who Dr. Greif was actually working for.

Of course, that wouldn’t work out. The assassin turned up and gassed everyone in the car, killing Dr. Greif.

Is that it? Is it game over?

Not quite! Real Alex had something that could help. He remembered the guy with the scar who was at Point Blanc.

That guy is called Yassan, and everyone thought him dead. Real Alex confirmed Yassan’s identity with a photo and asks who the blurred guy in the photo is. “That’s confidential,” Mrs. Jones tells him, but we later find out that was Alex’s father.

What did Alex’s father and Yassan have to do with each other? Were they friends? Was Alex’s father trying to uncover Yassan’s secret, and is this how Alex’s father died?

We also have questions about the organization Yassan works for. Scorpio was thought to be dissolved, but it turns out Ian Rider was looking into it. That’s what got him killed, and it’s the mind behind Point Blanc.

This is something for Alex Rider Season 2, and there’s no way Alan Blunt is going to let Alex have a normal life. Ian was training Alex to be a spy and Blunt wants him on side.

Tom knows his real friend

Back to the school, though. Tom now sees that there are two Alexes.

When the DSO can’t figure out who the real Alex is, it’s Tom to the rescue. He knocks out the one that he’s sure is the clone.

We better hope he’s right! Yassan was at the top of the school and killed Clone Alex with a sniper shot. He was going to kill Real Alex but something stopped him. Is this going to link back to Alex’s father and the friendship Yassan and Alex’s dad shared?

It’s something else for Alex Rider Season 2. For now, it looks like Alex’s time with the DSO is over. He gets to live a normal life…for the time being.

Alex Rider – Season 1 – Episode 106. Des Willie/Eleventh Hour Films/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television

What about Kyra on the Alex Rider Season 1 finale?

It’s not all over just yet. Kyra learned that her parents had been killed during the episode.

After managing to escape the safe house, she headed to see Alex. What can they do now? Is Alex really going to just go back to his normal life?

Alex is ready for that, but Kyra isn’t sure. She needs to figure out what’s next for her. We’ll have to wait for Alex Rider Season 2 to find that out.

What did you think of the Alex Rider Season 1 finale? Are you ready for a second season already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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