Alex Rider Season 1, Episode 7 recap: What happened to Alex?

Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 103. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television
Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 103. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television /

Everything that happened on Alex Rider Season 1, Episode 7

Alex had been hit by a truck at the end of the previous episode. There was no way he’d die as the titular character, but we didn’t know where he’d end up on Alex Rider Season 1, Episode 7.

There were two options. He could have been captured by those after him to take him back to Point Blanc. Alternatively, he could have been saved by the tactical team moving in to save him. Which one would it be?

When Stellenbosh heard that he was at the hospital, she immediately went to check on him. The doctors pronounced him dead, and that was it. It looked like it was all over. Well, it turns out that the DSO had got to him first, and his injuries weren’t all that bad anyway.

Now it was time to save the others and bring down the operation at Point Blanc.

Who can you trust with Geminis running around?

Alex, with the codename Cub, joined the tactical team to move into Point Blanc. Alex wanted to get his friends, especially Kyra who had helped him this whole time.

The problem is, who can you trust when there are doppelgangers wandering around? Alex thinks he can trust Kyra, only to learn that there was a clone pretending to be her. That clone gives Stellenbosh a chance to attack Alex and fight him to the death…her death.

It looks like it’s over for Stellenbosh. Clone Kyra and all the other clones are apprehended. The real Parker Roscoe, Kyra, and others are saved. Dr. Greif is arrested but the DSO, and it looks like it’s all over. Alex can return to Jack and Tom.

Did Dr. Greif kill Ian Rider?

The DSO needs answers. The parents of the kids that died had got too close. Those parents knew something was wrong with their children, and the children had to act. Well, more like Greif had to get someone to act.

The DSO knows it wasn’t Greif directly, so who was it? Greif isn’t talking, but I have to question whether he knew in the first place. He doesn’t know what is going on above him. There’s some bigger organization involved.

There’s still one episode of Alex Rider to do, so plenty of time to get to the bottom of it. That is unless it’s all being saved for the second season.

Is it the real Alex Rider?

It all comes down to trust when there are clones running around. Alex doesn’t quite seem himself, but everyone puts it off as being traumatized or tired from the events.

However, we head back to Point Blanc. It’s empty, save for one person. And no, it’s not Stellenbosh coming back from the dead.

Alex pops up.

Is he the real Alex? Is the Alex back home the real deal? Which one is the clone and what does it mean for everyone?

There’s a lot to come in the Alex Rider Season 1 finale.

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