Alex Rider Season 1, Episode 1 recap: Alex learns the truth

Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 101. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television
Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 101. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television /

Everything that happened in the Alex Rider series premiere

Alex Rider wasted no time in getting into the details and letting our titular character learn the truth about his uncle. It’s time to look into the series premiere to recap the events.

The show opened with Parker Roscoe looking out of a window. His dad is concerned about his son, but doesn’t have time to talk too much about that. Thanks to Parker, his dad meets his death at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Parker is going to show up again, I’m sure. He’s also the character that leads to Ian Rider’s death, but we’ll get to that.

Getting to know Alex Rider

When we jump to London, England, we meet Alex Rider and his best friend Tom Harris. When Tom gets his phone confiscated, Alex breaks into the school to get it back. He’s caught, which leads to Tom’s uncle turning up.

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There’s a comment about Ian driving like an old man, which is important when it comes to Alex figuring out the truth about his uncle’s death, but let’s focus on the family first. Ian is Alex’s guardian as Alex’s parents have died. They also have Jack Starbright living with them, a UCLA graduate who is a lot more like a friend than a future guardian for Alex.

Alex is in a lot of trouble for breaking into the school, so Alex tries to get out of trouble by showing the types of pranks Parker Roscoe used to get up to. Everything changed when Parker went off to some boarding school.

That school? Point Blanc. Remember the name. It will come up later in the series.

Ian meets an untimely end

We don’t get to know Ian Rider all that well on the Alex Rider series premiere. He looks into Parker and the school and arranges a meeting with someone in a basement. The meeting is a trap and Ian is killed.

Remember the comment about driving? This is where it comes up. Ian’s colleague tells Alex that Ian was killed in a car accident. Ian was speeding and crashed the car. Alex knows that’s a lie. Ian would never speed. Remember, he drives like a grandpa!

That leads to Alex following Ian’s colleague, Martin. Alex learns the truth about his uncle, following Martin all the way to the Department of Special Operations’s HQ. It’s not a good thing that Martin was followed, but it’s a sign that Alex should be recruited.

Alan Blunt, the head of the Department of Special Operations, decides to show Alex everything about Ian Rider. Alex learns the full truth and is then asked to join. He gets the night to think about it and is told there’s no need to say yes. If he wants to join, he needs to answer a call.

There is no phone call

The next morning, Alex is in two minds. All he knows is that his uncle wasn’t killed in an accident. Jack knows nothing, but she’s about to find out.

That morning, Immigration shows up at the door saying that Jack’s visa is fake and there are deportation papers for her. Social Services shows up to take Alex away since there is no guardian for him at home. Alex knows exactly what is going on.

He picks up his phone and realizes he doesn’t need to make a call. There is also no call coming. Not through the phone anyway. He talks directly into the phone without dialing. THEY can hear.

You see, he had decided to join. He wants to figure out what really happened to his uncle and what Point Blanc is about. Now he just knows the type of people he’s working for. As soon as he agrees to join, Immigration and Social Services are called away.

It’s time to get started. And that’s all this series has done so far.

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