Is The Boys on Netflix?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video /

Where is The Boys available to stream online?

A surprising amount of people want to know if The Boys is on Netflix. It’s common to want all your favorite shows in the one place.

Can you stream The Boys on Netflix? What are your options?

There’s only one place to stream The Boys online

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It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that you can’t stream the superhero series on Netflix. There’s only one place to stream it online. It’s all about Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch for free with the 30-day free trial if you don’t have Prime already. You’ll certainly be able to binge-watch both seasons currently available within the 30 days. You’ll probably binge-watch it within the week.

The third season is confirmed, but it won’t start filming until January 2021 at the earliest. We’re not expecting it until late 2021 or 2022.

Will the series ever come to Netflix?

There’s no need for Amazon Prime Video to let this original series go anywhere else. The first thing Amazon would do would be to send it to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not heading to a competing streaming service.

Of course, that doesn’t mean The Boys will never end up anywhere else. There is a chance that something could happen to Amazon to close it down. It’s a super slim chance, but I always say never say never. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. After all, we all got the question to where you see yourself in five years’ time wrong back in 2015, didn’t we?

However, it will take something major for Amazon to close down. The series won’t head to Netflix when Amazon will want to keep it exclusive to its own streaming service.

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The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.