Will The Boys Season 3 get a weekly release on Amazon Prime Video?

The Boys Season 2 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Will The Boys Season 3 drop weekly or as a binge on Amazon Prime Video?

We don’t know when The Boys Season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Production on the season hasn’t started yet.

What some people will want to know is whether there will be plans to release the season weekly again. Will Amazon push to keep the release as one binge-watch?

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Despite fans being made away a lot in the run up to The Boys Season 2, there were still some caught off guard that the show was getting a weekly release after the first three episodes. That led to some review bombing, which never makes sense when you think about it. Why review bomb over the release? Why hurt something that you otherwise enjoy?

Thankfully, Amazon already knew the value of The Boys. The third season was picked up ahead of the second season premiere, so the review bombing meant very little, except the creators of the series being disappointed because, well, it was their choice to release weekly and not a push from Amazon.

Releasing The Boys weekly works really well

I’ll go out and say that I’m not a fan of binge-watching. I don’t like it as a viewer, and it’s certainly annoying as a writer. It’s also annoying when it comes to chatting about the show.

I won’t go into detail about my dislike for binge-watching and preferring the weekly release. What I will say is that I enjoyed looking at theories and chatting with people about the second season over the course of five weeks. Usually, the conversation happens over a weekend and then everyone moves onto the next show. It’s been fun keeping the conversation going.

And the show hasn’t suffered in terms of viewers with the weekly release. In fact, the viewer ratings went up for the second season.

This wasn’t an Amazon decision, either. The creators wanted the weekly release, knowing there would be a lot to talk about. The last thing the creators want is for people to chat a lot about a show for a week or so and then ignore it until the next season. Releasing weekly kept the series on more minds for longer.

With that in mind—and the fact that the diabolical madness is not going to stop—I wouldn’t be surprised if The Boys Season 3 got a weekly release too.

The Expanse Season 5 will release weekly. It looks like Amazon is trying this out more. If there’s a continued success, some of the bigger titles could start to be released weekly, similar to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and many other streaming services.

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The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.