The Boys Season 2 review bombed over something we knew about beforehand

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Boys Season 2 is being review bombed and it’s all over the release schedule

The Boys Season 2 is being review bombed. Fortunately, it’s only over on the Amazon website, so it remains Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, as it should be.

The whole reason people are review bombing this? If you thought it was going to be because of the genderswaps (because people complained about that when they were announced) then you’d be wrong. This time it’s over something we all should have known about: the release schedule.

Amazon Prime Video is doing things a little differently this time. Instead of releasing all eight episodes at once, The Boys Season 2 dropped the first three episodes on Sept. 4 and the other five episodes will be released weekly. And yes, some people have decided to review bomb the show to get at Amazon’s decision.

Yes, really!

This isn’t the first time Amazon has done this

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While Amazon Prime Video does usually release content all at once, it’s not like this weekly release has never happened before. The Grand Tour and The Romanoffs have both received weekly releases. One worked out and the other didn’t, but I wouldn’t put that down to the weekly release schedule.

Other streaming sites have also started going back to weekly releases. HBO Max is doing something odd with three episodes at a time to test that, while Disney Plus has opted for weekly releases. HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME are still opting for weekly releases for all their shows. While that is because they’re premium cable companies, they could release everything on the app and opt for weekly releases on the channels, but they keep it simple across the board.

Hulu is switching between the two options depending on the show. Some series have had three or four episodes released at once and then a weekly release while others have dropped all in one go. It really does depend on the show.

There’s really only Netflix that continues with this full drop that means the need for constantly new content. People then get annoyed when there are 14-18 months between seasons because, well, that’s how long it takes to make something! If the releases were weekly like on network TV, that may not be an issue.

We knew this was going to happen for The Boys

When The Boys Season 2 promotion fully started, it was quickly made clear that we’d see this weekly release. We were arguably lucky to get the first three episodes at once instead of immediately starting with the weekly schedule.

Eric Kripke made it abundantly clear that the first three episodes would be available and there would be one episode per week after that. This was back in June, everyone! And this is something we at Amazon Adviser have been sure to say every single time we’ve done a piece about the show.

The reason given was that people would need a breather between episodes. Each episode is definitely intense and each one is worth the wait. And if you really want to binge-watch, you could always wait until October for all eight episodes to be available instead of complaining about spacing out the content.

Oh, and for those who think this affects Season 3, the show has already been renewed. That happened well before the release date just like the Season 2 renewal ahead of the series premiere.

The good news is the Critics score on Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t been affected by this entitlement. It’s still Certified Fresh with a 97% approval score. There are some audience complaints about the release schedule, but that’s not going to affect the Certified Fresh score.

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The Boys Season 2 airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.