Will Utopia be renewed for a second season by Amazon Prime Video?

Utopia - Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video
Utopia - Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video /

Will Amazon Prime Video give Utopia a second season to continue the story?

We’ve broken down every episode from Utopia Season 1. Now it’s time to look at the future. Is there a chance a second season will happen on Amazon Prime Video?

There’s no doubt the series gained some mixed reviews. Some loved it and others hated it. Maybe it was the timing, or maybe it was the topic of discussion with the anti-vaxxer elements and the discussion of a world that has too many people.

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Gillian Flynn doesn’t really mind the mixed reviews. In fact, she loves them, according to an interview with Indie Wire.

Will the mixed reviews have an effect on the renewal hopes? Probably not. It’s going to be about the ratings. If the ratings are good enough from start to finish on the first season, the show will likely be renewed.

Does Utopia need a second season?

Okay, just because the show can be renewed, doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be, right? Well, Utopia definitely needs another season based on how the first season ended. We were left with two many questions about our favorite characters.

Spoilers for the Utopia Season 1 finale from this point.

Jessica managed to find home, but it’s not necessarily a good place. She’s back to the place with the bars on the window; the place where she’s a lab rat.

Then there’s Grant who has been arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Will Arby step forward to get Grant off the charges? It’s not going to be easy to prove the conspiracy since Kevin Christie is no longer tied up.

Wilson freed Christie after starting to believe everything he was saying about the crowded world. They picked up Becky on the way back to Christie Corp, which suggests that she’s in some trouble.

Meanwhile, Ian and Alice are still on the run. Alice made a point that being captured wouldn’t help Grant and Becky, but what do they hope to do now they’re alone? Michael Stearnes is out in the wind with the mother egg that contains the “vaccine” that would sterilize everyone.

Of course, there’s the fallout from the destruction of the vaccine. Parents are scared, understandably. They want to make sure their children are vaccinated against this flu, not realizing that it’s going to do nothing to help. How will they take the news that the vaccine is gone?

There’s a lot of questions. We definitely need Utopia Season 2.

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Utopia Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.