Utopia Season 1 finale recap: Say alive, Jessica Hyde

Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Here’s everything that happened in the Utopia Season 1 finale

Just as it looks like we’ll get all the answers and the group can save the human race, we’re thrown for a loop. Just how did Utopia Season 1 end?

It started with everyone together, grabbing the gifted Christie into the house. Perfect, right? They had the man who would be able to give them all the answers.

Of course, Christie expected people to come after him. He has the security and money for that. What he didn’t expect was Arby to be outside waiting for the security detail. Arby got rid of all them, while Christie was left telling the group everything.

It’s not about killing the human race

We knew Christie was the mastermind with the virus and vaccine. We knew there was a reason he wanted the vaccine to be pushed out (and for everyone to be willing to take the vaccine). What we didn’t know was why.

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It had to have something to do with the “crowded world” comment. Sure enough, it does, but it’s not that Christie wants to kill everyone. Like Inferno by Dan Brown (hey, it’s been out for seven years now), the focus is on preventing more humans from being born. In this case, Christie wants to stop births for three generations instead of just 50% of the population.

The beta test of this vaccine is on Americans, who he views as the worst in the world. Then the vaccine will be shipped out around the world, leading to everyone becoming sterile.

Is it really that evil? Well, yes, forced sterilization definitely is, but there’s no doubt that we do have a population problem. There are talks of the population reducing in size naturally from 2050 or so, but by that point, as mentioned in Utopia, the population could be up to 11 billion. That’s a lot of people for few resources, and the weak, poor people are going to be the ones left without as usual.

So, on the surface, it does sound like Christie is trying to do good. The problem is he’s going about it in the wrong way.

The group destroy the vaccine

Jessica and Wilson stay behind with Christie, while the others head off to Christie’s labs. They destroy the vaccine, including the incubated versions of it. It takes time and some forklift trucks to do it, but it’s managed. And in that time, Ian also has the chance to not-propose to Becky with the ring Jessica took from Olivia.

The group is left out in the wind. Ian, Becky, Grant, and Alice head off in one direction while Michael destroys the eggs incubating the vaccine. However, he takes the main egg with him on the road to somewhere we don’t know. What is Michael up to? We need Utopia Season 2 to find that out.

As for the rest of the group, Grant is caught by the cops (remember, he’s wanted for murder) and Becky has to run off. Ian and Alice are left together, knowing they need to help save both Becky and Grant.

Wilson changes sides?

Wilson sticks around to get Christie to admit to the vaccine plan on camera. Of course, the man’s not going to do that. With some discussion, he actually gets Wilson on his level of thinking.

And so, Wilson now seems to join the Christies. He, Kevin, and Tom pick up Becky on the road. When she realizes what’s going on, she’s definitely not happy. Everything they have fought for has been for nothing. But does Wilson have another trick up his sleeve?

Again, this is something we need a second season for.

Utopia – Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video /

Stay alive, Jessica Hyde

Finally, we move to Jessica, who isn’t feeling too good. Arby is waiting for her to take her “home.” You see, it turns out that Jessica was one of the lab rats. She was used for testing for other viruses.

Arby takes Jessica to Christie Farms, where we see Lily, the little boy who pretended to be Grant at Kara’s house, and lots of other children. The yellow house is also there. This is where Jessica grew up.

Along the way, she starts to develop the T-shaped rash, so it’s not all too surprising that she passes out on the bed when she reaches her old room. She wakes to someone in the room. Katherine is back, admitting that she isn’t Homeland.

So this is why Katherine was so certain Christie wasn’t Mr. Rabbit. It looks like she was Mr. Rabbit all along, and she’s cutting Christie loose because they have different visions for the future. That’s when we find out Katherine and others can harvest the viruses from Jessica.

Uh oh!

Arby just watches the house as all this happens. “Stay alive, Jessica Hyde,” he says to himself, but does he feel like something is wrong?

To leave us with questions while we wait to see if Utopia Season 2 will happen, we watch Katherine head to the basement in the house. A man is drawing frantically. This is Jessica’s father. He’s alive after all.

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What did you think of the Utopia Season 1 finale? What questions do you now have for Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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