Utopia Season 1, Episode 7 recap: A shocking turn of events

Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Everything that happened on Utopia Season 1, Episode 7

Now that Jessica and co. believe Michael Stearns is Mr. Rabbit, the group heads to his house. It’s time to look back at Utopia Season 1, Episode 7.

It all starts with Michael waking up after being knocked out at the end of the previous episode. His wife asks him to look at a file labeled “Fun.” It’s not good. There is a lot of photoshopped content that will put Michael behind bars for a very long time. If he doesn’t want jail time, then he needs to read the statement she has written that approves the FDA releasing the vaccine.

If only that was only Michael’s problem of the episode. Jessica arrives at his house, and she’s out for blood.

Michael isn’t Mr. Rabbit

With Michael and Colleen held at gunpoint, Jessica and the rest of the group quickly learn that Michael isn’t Mr. Rabbit. He’s being played, and part of it is Colleen’s doing. She doesn’t give up a lot of information but proves she knows how to fight.

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Just as Jessica loses the fight, Alice picks up the gun and kills Colleen. Alice later admits that she felt good shooting Colleen for a moment, but that’s it. However, she, Ian, and Grant find a way to have fun while Jessica and the others get information from Michael.

The good doctor looks at the graphic novel to see what he can decipher, under duress, of course. He notices that the wings on the llama are bat wings and that the star in the eye is from his virus. He also knows how the virus is being spread.

The group heads to the farm that is being set up in Chicago and kill all the rabbits except one. After burning the rabbit hut to the ground, they leave with the sole surviving rabbit.

It’s not Michael’s virus

Thanks to the rabbit, Michael is able to run a few tests. It’s not his virus. That means his vaccine doesn’t work.

Michael can’t figure out how he cured Charlotte. Unless he didn’t cure her at all. Nothing is as it seems. So, why is Kevin Christie so focused on getting this vaccine out?

Jessica declares that Kevin Christie is Mr. Rabbit. She needs to kill him.

How can they get into Christie’s office to kill him when he’s surrounded by security? They need Homeland, and a clue in Utopia leads them back to the agent Becky and Ian recently met with.

Jessica and Becky have a heart to heart

While all the testing is happening, Jessica and Becky talk. Really talk.

Jessica’s life has been one mission. She doesn’t see the point in living, and she doesn’t understand why Becky wants to be alive. We get this heartbreaking moment for Jessica, and it’s the most development she’s had in all seven episodes. What is there for Jessica when the mission is over? What is her purpose in this world?

Becky shares that there are good things in life. That’s why she wants to live.

Utopia – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Katherine doesn’t believe Kevin Christie is the bad guy

When Jessica and Wilson meet with the agent, Katherine, she explains some of the backstory. She and Jessica’s dad worked together. Then Jessica’s dad’s work became all about profit. Someone took it and put Jessica’s dad in the asylum to stop him from talking.

However, Katherine doesn’t believe that Kevin Christie has anything to do with it. She can’t believe he’s Mr. Rabbit and reminds everyone that the FDA has approved the vaccine. Is Mr. Rabbit someone in the FDA? Have we had this all wrong from the beginning?

‘Charlotte’ changes tactics

While all this is happening, Kevin Christie has a “Charlotte” problem. Lily, that’s the twin’s name, tells the world that Dale wasn’t all that good to her. This isn’t part of the script, so Kevin sends Arby to kill Lily.

When Arby gets there, Lily and Arby have a heart to heart. Arby doesn’t want to be called that anymore, sure that Kevin Christie made him a monster. He wants to be called John, and that’s what Lily calls him when he drops her off to meet with Christie (rather than kill her).

Lily agrees to work alongside Kevin, toeing the line again as is her intended purpose. The question is still out there. Can they choose their purpose?

A surprise gift

At the very end, Jessica and the others need to regroup. However, before they can talk, there’s a knock at the door.

A man—who looks a lot like Kevin Christie—has been tied up and left at the front door. Across the road, we can see Arby/John watching with a smirk.

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What questions do you have going into the Utopia Season 1 finale? Have your guesses been right yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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