Utopia Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Who will forget their purpose?

Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Everything that happened on Utopia Season 1, Episode 6

As Jessica gets her hands on Utopia, Michael learns that things may not be as they seem. Here’s everything that happened on Utopia Season 1, Episode 6.

This is an episode that leaves us with plenty more questions for the final two episodes. It also pushes the story forward in ways we never expected. Let’s get into the breakdown of the episode.

Wilson figures out the flu

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Now that Jessica has the rest of the graphic novel (bar one page, it seems), Wilson is able to put more pieces of the puzzle together. He sees that Jessica was with other children, and at some point, Jessica had been gassed. He connects the flu to Peru and then connects all that to Michael.

After walking in on Ian and Becky getting it on in the bedroom, the group realizes that Michael probably isn’t Mr. Rabbit as Wilson initially thinks. Michael is the llama that Mr. Rabbit is riding. He’s just a puppet, but they still need to figure out who Mr. Rabbit is.

Wilson looks at the photo from the asylum. It turns out Michael was there, and everyone is now sure it means Michael is Mr. Rabbit. That is temporarily interrupted by Becky having another seizure. This time she can’t breathe so Jessica cuts a hole in her neck and places a funnel into it, hoping to get to her windpipe.

It looks like Becky has died, but she wakes up. What does this mean?

Michael suspects it’s all a ploy

With the hot zone in St. Louis taken down, Dale takes “Charlotte” home. Michael follows, and we see that this home isn’t really a home at all. It looks like a show home for a new development and isn’t kitted out for visitors at all.

Sure enough, Michael starts to figure out that he’s being taken for a ride. After Dale shockingly kills himself, Tom Christie has to quickly put a web footprint together. He needs to give Dale a reason for killing himself, which involves the story that he is so overcome with guilt that he couldn’t save his daughter and a former classmate could, that he killed himself.

Everyone at Kevin Christie’s company has the same message about Dale. Michael figures out that everyone has been scripted to say something. However, his wife is worried about him, but Michael needs to figure out who is killing children and why.

While scouring the internet at the interviews with family and friends, Michael notices a sticker Dale left on the wall of the house. It leads Michael to a website that connects to a petting zoo. This is how the flu is spreading.

Just as he learns all this, the FDA agrees to releasing the vaccine. Michael wants to tell the world that there’s something dangerous happening. However, his wife hits him over the head with his 2013 virologist award, knocking him out. She is on Harvest’s side.

Rainn Wilson as Dr. Michael Stearns in Utopia – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Arby wants the truth

Arby has a page from Utopia. It’s one that shows how he was potentially created. He pays Kevin Christie a visit and learns the truth. Sure enough he was “created.” Kevin doesn’t know exactly where Arby came from or what his real name was, but Kevin was the one that made him into what he is.

When Arby refuses to continue the past Kevin has put him on, Kevin warns him about his purpose. If Arby won’t help, then Arby will no longer be part of the cause and he can’t survive on his own.

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What did you think of the events from Utopia Season 1, Episode 6? What theories do you have right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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