Utopia Season 1, Episode 5 recap: A successful vaccine?

Rainn Wilson as Dr. Michael Stearns in Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Rainn Wilson as Dr. Michael Stearns in Utopia - Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Here’s a look at everything that happened on Utopia Season 1, Episode 5

Michael thinks his vaccine may be more successful than he ever thought. Meanwhile, the group learns Harvest is taken extra steps to make things difficult for them. It’s time to look back at the events of Utopia Season 1, Episode 5.

This is an episode full of answers, but also full of more questions. It takes some big twists as we get closer to the end of the season.

Michael tests his vaccine

We start inside the hot zone with Michael and Dale, picking up off the back of the previous episode. Dale wants Michael to test the vaccine/cure combo on his daughter, Charlotte. He knows his daughter is going to die, so he’d rather the risk with the vaccine than not do anything.

When Michael leaves, Dale removes his hazmat suit hood and another person walks into the room…Charlotte’s identical twin sister. The sisters mention they need to “choose” but first, it’s time for their last meal.

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Say what?

Well, it turns out Kevin Christie is most definitely involved. After stuffing their faces with their last meal, Christie picks one of the twins to take some sort of tablet. He says it’s a pure form of the virus. It is certain to kill Charlotte, the twin chosen, and this is a sacrifice. This is her earning her place in this crowded world.

It keeps coming back to that. Everyone has their “purpose,” as Kevin calls it.

What’s the point in the choice and the pure form of the virus? Well, it’s to make sure Charlotte has all the symptoms of the T-shaped rash flu. Michael then gives her the vaccine and gives Dale some time with his daughter.

It turns out Dale may not be the girls’ father. The other twin says they are his ward, and that he is there as part of this great purpose. It’s time to stop getting emotional over Charlotte’s death.

As you would expect, Charlotte dies but the other sister takes her place. Michael sees that “Charlotte” has recovered and does some blood test, none the wiser about what’s really going on. Of course, the tests show that “Charlotte” is fully cured of the virus. Michael is sure that his vaccine has worked better than he could ever expect.

When he tells Dale, Dale pulls him in front of the reporters to announce that the vaccine has been found. It gets the parents calling for the vaccine to use it on their kids. Of course, the FDA wants to run the standard tests first, but Michael speaks out to ask for the vaccine to be released.

Kevin gets involved. He gets on his knees to beg the FDA to release the vaccine. But he knows that it may not work, so what is the bigger plan?

Becky suffers a seizure

While at the new house the group is hanging out, Becky suffers from a seizure. This time Ian is there to help her through it, and he’s there for her afterward. Becky refuses to tell anyone else about the seizures, making everyone believe that she and Ian were enjoying some alone time.

Jessica sets some strict rules, including no sex. They don’t like the rules, but they know what happens if they don’t follow them. Well, that is when Jessica is around.

After Ian learns his family is in critical care from an E. Coli outbreak and Wilson learns his family is dead, the group start to break apart. Jessica heads out looking for the graphic novel with Grant, so the others go their separate ways.

Becky and Ian head to see Ian’s family, despite knowing it’s a trap. Wilson puts together a load of newspaper clippings about the flu outbreak, including a connection to Peru and bats. What is he onto?

Utopia – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios
Utopia – Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris / Amazon Studios /

Jessica and Grant search for Utopia

While all that is happening, Jessica and Grant (who is now wanted as a serial killer) head out in search for Alice’s house. Grant can’t remember a street address, but he can lead Jessica to it recognizing things on the street.

It’s risky. Remember, he’s wanted for murder by this point. However, Jessica needs to get her hands on Utopia.

As they head that way, Alice’s mom sees that Grant is now wanted for murder. Alice’s mom calls the cops to give them statements, even though it brings up a lot of questions about why a mother would allow a stranger into her home and endanger her child.

There isn’t long to worry about that. Arby kills all the cops and then asks for Utopia (and Jessica Hyde). Alice immediately gives Arby what she has of the graphic novel. He then shoots Alice’s mom, killing her instantly.

Arby goes to shoot Alice, but he hesitates as Alice screams for her mom. He decides to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead, while he waits. He knows that Jessica will show up.

Sure enough, Jessica does. After an initial fight, Arby tells Jessica that he’s supposed to take both Utopia and her to Harvest. He doesn’t want to do that anymore, so he leaves Jessica with her gun and leaves, telling her that if she needs him, he will be “home.”

“Home” keeps coming up, and Jessica still hasn’t figured out what it means. Will it be explained in the graphic novel? Maybe, but Arby also warns her that she’s not going to like the ending.

In the closing minutes, we watch as a rabbit in a cage is loaded onto a track with a bunch more rabbits in cages. They’re clearly heading to labs for testing. At least, that’s what it seems like.

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What did you think of Utopia Episode 5? What are your theories so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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