The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 recap: How fear infects

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios /

Everything that happened in The Boys Season 2, Episode 7

Stormfront has been rallying people together through fear and anger. The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 gives us a look at what that does.

The episode opens with a man we’ve never met before. Who he is doesn’t really matter. It’s all about his actions. He’s so focused on all the hate and fear that Stormfront is creating that he starts to see things that aren’t really there. It all leads to him shooting a store clerk believing him to be a Supe terrorist.

You know he’s not alone in this. However, we need to focus on the bigger picture for the other characters.

Lamplighter agrees to be a witness

There’s a hearing against Vought coming up. Of course, witnesses are needed to go up against the powerful company, which means Lamplighter needs to agree to speak. He does, but it’s not like he knows a lot. Stormfront was the one who ran the experiments on the “patients.”

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Lamplighter has no idea why Stormfront is doing what she’s doing. Why does she want to stabilize the V in adults?

Butcher isn’t too happy about Lamplighter being a witness. However, he doesn’t have the time to manage a lot of the situation. He gets a call from his mom to say his dad has died.

Butcher deals with family issues

While everything else is going on, Butcher goes to see his mom, who is currently in New York. It turns out she lied. Butcher’s dad isn’t dead, but he is dying.

Butcher doesn’t want anything to do with his dad, and he hates his mom for staying with his dad. There are mentions of Butcher’s brother, who died young. Butcher isn’t willing to forget or forgive the past, and based on what he says about the past, I can’t really blame him!

He leaves his parents, making it clear he doesn’t want to be contacted again.

Starlight ends up in trouble

Starlight meets with her mom for coffee. While Butcher can’t forgive his parents, Starlight wants to forgive hers. However, her mom has caused a problem by ringing Vought. Black Noir steps in to grab Starlight and imprisoners her.

Stormfront and Homelander share with the world that Starlight is a traitor. It’s a chance to turn the people against her, and a chance for the two to get people to call for more Compound V and more Supes. Hughie sees the report and knows that he needs to save Starlight.

While the others organize for a hearing against Vought, Lamplighter is remaining in hiding with Hughie. Lamplighter reluctantly agrees to help Hughie get Starlight out of the Tower prison. The two head in, but Lamplighter has another plan.

He steps in front of the statue of The Seven (unimpressed that he’s been replaced) and sets himself on fire. It’s a shocking twist that leaves Hughie alone to figure out where Starlight is and get out of the Vought Tower alone.

Thanks to the fire, the alarms blare and Starlight is able to gain some power to blast her way out of the prison. However, Black Noir tries to stop her escaping. Just as it looks like Black Noir will kill Starlight, Maeve steps in to save Starlight’s life.

Maeve wants to be better, but she also can’t give up her place on The Seven. She’s also terrified of Homelander but also hates that Elena can’t even look at her. Still, it’s great to see her put her neck out like this to protect an innocent Supe as she tries to figure out who she wants to be.

As Starlight escapes, she runs into Hughie. They both get Starlight’s mom out of her prison cell and they escape the Vought tower.

Eagle the Archer is kicked out

During birthday celebrations for the head of the Church of the Collective, we learn that The Deep and A-Train may be getting back into The Seven. However, there’s bad news for Eagle the Archer.

At some point in The Boys Season 2, Eagle the Archer has been kicked out of the Church of the Collective. Eagle claims that the program failed him, so the Church of the Collective says that Eagle is a “toxic personality.”

The Deep goes from singing Eagle’s praises to denouncing him within seconds. That’s what a cult does! The question is, what happened to Eagle the Archer for him to speak out against the Church?

The Boys
The Boys Season 2 — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /

Homelander wants to be a family

Homelander decides to take Stormfront to meet Ryan after seeing Stormfront reminisce about her daughter while looking at a baby. Becca isn’t impressed, but she’s all the more terrified when she finds out Homelander wants to be a family with Ryan—and Becca is just in the way.

The two Supes turn Ryan against his mother. Homelander flies Ryan up to show where he really lives. Ryan says he hates his mom and chooses to leave with Homelander and Stormfront. “Don’t worry; he’ll still have a mother,” Stormfront tells Becca before they leave.

Becca is left terrified and alone. You know she’s going to turn Butcher for help.

A shocking inquest

With Lamplighter out, Butcher threatens former Vought CEO Jonah Vogelbaum into being the star witness. It’s a chance to reveal the truth about Compound V, Supes, and more.

However, things are not going to go the way anyone wanted. Just before Jonah can say a word, heads start exploding. Literally. The head-exploding Supe terrorist is back, and we still have no idea who it could be.

Now what does everyone do?

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The Boys Season 2 finale airs on Oct. 9 on Amazon Prime Video.