Who is Eagle The Archer in The Boys graphic novels?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Taking a look at The Boys graphic novels version of Eagle The Archer

Eagle The Archer has been introduced on The Boys Season 2. Many people will want to look at the graphic novels to get some potential storylines for the remaining episodes, but will the novels help?

Who is Eagle The Archer in the graphic novels? Well, they’re probably not going to help us with this Church of the Collective storyline.

Eagle The Archer isn’t in the graphic novels much

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When it comes to The Boys source material, things have been changed. And we’re not just on about Stormfront or Mallory’s gender switches. In fact, there are a few other gender switches going on to right the wrongs of sexist graphic novels of the past.

Eagle The Archer’s whole storyline seems to have changed. In the graphic novels, he’s a member of Payback, which is connected to Soldier Boy and Stormfront. These characters are parodies of The Avengers, with Eagle the Archer a parody of Hawkeye.

However, the character is barely seen. When he is seen, he’s killed off quickly. He is also mentioned in passing by Butcher.

Where will Eagle The Archer’s storyline go in The Boys Season 2?

It’s clear that Eagle The Archer has a backstory, and that could be connected to the source material. Eagle The Archer had a drug problem in the past, which may have led to a fall of grace.

The show hasn’t told us if Payback exists yet. It seems like it might not since Stormfront has become the new face of The Seven and clearly isn’t quite the same character as the one in the source material. However, we could find out that Payback was a team and maybe Eagle The Archer’s actions, along with others, led to the breakup of the team.

Eagle The Archer is part of the Church of the Collective and seems to be recruiting members. What role will he play moving forward?

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Who do you think Eagle The Archer is? What are you looking forward to learning in The Boys Season 2, Episode 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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