When is The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 on Amazon Prime Video?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video /

What time will The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 be on Amazon Prime Video?

We’re onto the penultimate episode of The Boys Season 2. What time will it be on Amazon Prime Video, and what should we expect?

Like with previous releases, expect the episode to drop a little earlier than expected. Its official drop is going to happen at midnight on Friday, Oct. 2. However, there’s a strong chance that we’ll get it at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Oct. 1.

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All other episodes have dropped before midnight. There’s no need to think it won’t happen this time, either.

What to expect on The Boys Season 2, Episode 7

During the previous episode, our favorite vigilantes learned that Stormfront is part of the plot to create Supe terrorists. She has tasked Lamplighter with the task of burning the evidence when something goes wrong or people start to ask questions.

However, Lamplighter has a conscience. He feels guilty for killing Mallory’s grandkids, believing that Mallory was the one in the bed that night. He blames himself and Frenchie for the mistake, and we learn why everyone blamed Frenchie and what he was supposed to be doing that night.

At the same time, Lamplighter has decided to join in with The Boys. He’s willing to testify, but will that go to plan? This is The Boys. Just as we get to what we think is going to happen, something flips the story upside down.

Meanwhile, Stormfront told Homelander her full story. Now we know when she was born and who she married. What does that mean for her in the next episode? When will it come out that she is a Nazi?

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The Boys Season 2, Episode 7 will be on Amazon Prime Video by midnight on Oct. 2.