The Boys Season 2, Episode 3 recap: The real side of Stormfront

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /

It’s time to see the real side of Stormfront on The Boys Season 2, Episode 3

Things are getting real on The Boys Season 2, Episode 3. It’s time to get to know the real Stormfront, and you are definitely not going to like her.

Did we really think anything different with a show like The Boys? Supes are mostly bad. There is the odd good apple in the bag, but not many. However, Stormfront is scarily persuasive and captures the hearts of the people.

That whale scene

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We open with Butcher and the others on a boat with their superterrorist Mouse. Kimiko’s allegiance is certainly going to be tested in all this now that she knows the superterrorist is her brother. Mouse wants Kimiko to let him go, but she isn’t going to let that happen, but will she hand him over to Grace?

It doesn’t really matter what Kimiko wants to do right now. An NYPD helicopter shows up because the boat Butcher has is stolen. It was only a matter of time. Mouse manages to break free of his tape by that point and “takes care” of the helicopter. Hughie wants to help everyone on the helicopter, but Butcher says they need to go.

The Deep learns about the location of The Boys. He thinks he gets the chance to prove he should be back in The Seven, and uses whales to help stop The Boys. What he doesn’t expect is for Butcher to literally ram the whale with the boat. You’ve seen that sneak peek!

While the rest of The Boys know they need to get away, Hughie has given up. He remains in the whale telling everyone to leave him. Mother’s Milk isn’t going to do that, so he chooses to stay with Hughie. That gets Hughie moving before the rest of The Seven show up.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Hughie. He just wants to be a hero and everything is failing.

Family breakfast

Meanwhile, Homelander continues to try to play happy families. Well, he wants to get Ryan on his side and he’s willing to undermine Becca every step of the way. Parents should not undermine the other parent, together or separated! Work together!

Anyway, Homelander decides he wants to make Ryan fly. To do that, he takes Ryan to the roof of the house and then pushes him off to encourage him to floor. Ryan isn’t hurt, but Homelander is annoyed and Becca is worried and angry.

Ryan decides to tell Homelander to get away. This storyline continues to show Homelander’s insecurities.

Compound V exposed

Now that Starlight has her hands on some Compound V, she decides to leak it out. Starlight is way to happy about it, meaning A-Train knows exactly what she has done. A-Train isn’t happy about this. They will all lose everything.

The Seven means the world to A-Train. We know this. He’s so worried to going back to nothing that he’s willing to do anything to protect Vought and The Seven.

This has knocked everyone who didn’t know about Compound V, though. It’s not just about the public, but The Deep is upset that he was made and not born. It changes everything for him.

Of course, Vought is panicking. Shares are dropping and the board is panicking. Stan Edgar needs to figure out hat to do. Stan’s priority is also focused on the superterrorist situation (Homelander is very clear that he wants the “bad guys” to be called supervillains but it’s not sticking).

The Seven have to deal with The Boys first.

Will Starlight kill Hughie?

By the time The Seven show up at the whale scene, The Deep is distraught and The Boys have gone through a storm drain. The Deep spends time telling Starlight how sorry he is for his actions, but she’s not interested in listening. It’s Stormfront who reminds them they all have a job to do—and she’s not too interested in the Church of Collective, either.

As The Seven head off in search for The Boys, Homelander tells The Deep his gill is showing. All this work The Deep has been doing to improve his self-confidence could be completely undone by Homelander.

In the storm drain, The Boys are separated. Hughie sees Starlight and he’s initially happy, but she throws him to the ground. Homelander is also there and Starlight needs to prove that there’s nothing between them. Homelander orders Starlight to kill Hughie, but she hesitates long enough for Butcher to interrupt.

The real Stormfront

Kimiko’s brother gets away and Kimiko follows him. Stormfront follows the two and indiscriminently kills people. She doesn’t care about finding out who the people are, and the color of their skin could have something to do with that. You see, everyone in the apartment building the Supes end up in are Black.

On the rooftop of the apartment building, Stormfront gets the upperhand and breaks Mouse’s hands. She calls him a “yellow b*****d” before killing him.

Yep, she’s a racist, which suits the graphic novel character.

Homelander is not happy that Stormfront took out Mouse. That superterrorist was for him.

Homelander is struggling with Stormfront being around. She’s winning the heart of the people and becoming the new face of The Seven.

All The Boys can do is watch angrily knowing who Stormfront really is. This is going to have a knock-on effect on Kimiko’s confidence, but could she also do something rash to get revenge?

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