The Boys: What happened to Madelyn Stillwell’s baby?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios /

Is Madelyn Stillwell’s baby safe on The Boys Season 2?

During The Boys Season 1 finale, Madelyn Stillwell was killed. While she came back in The Boys Season 2, the situation was quickly explained. What hasn’t been explained is what happened to her baby.

The finale saw the baby’s life threatened. That wasn’t all too surprising. If you want a mom to do something for you or you want to scare her, you’re going to threaten her child. But after killing Madelyn, Homelander took Butcher to see Becca and that was it. We never got to know what happened to Madelyn’s baby, except that the baby was 17 miles away completely safe.

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But how long was the baby safe for? Is he still protected?

Did Homelander return to hurt the baby?

Homelander is a troubled Supe. We can try to put labels on him all we want, but it’s clear that he’s a man suffering from a God complex. He fears being inferior; of not being needed. That baby would have reminded him of everything that went wrong with Madelyn.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if we later found out that Homelander did something to the baby. Instead of showing it, the question remains hanging. Maybe it’s better we don’t know if this is the case.

Is a family member looking after the baby?

Hopefully, with the death of Madelyn Stillwell, there is a family member out there who is looking after the baby. If not a family member, Vought may know that the baby is at risk of Homelander’s actions or fear that Butcher will come back for revenge. To protect the baby, someone may have taken him into protective custody somewhere.

We didn’t get to know much about Madelyn’s personal life. it’s possible she has family that even Vought didn’t know about. Or maybe just family Homelander doesn’t know about to keep the baby safe.

Let’s just believe the baby is completely safe. The writers aren’t that evil, right?

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