The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Check out Amazon Prime Video for The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 tonight

Amazon Prime Video opted to test out the weekly format for The Boys Season 2. It’s not the first time Amazon has tried this and it’s not the only streaming service to do this. Episode 4 drops tonight, and we couldn’t be any more excited than we are.

The new episode will be available by midnight in your local area. However, last week, we found the episodes did drop earlier than initially stated. That’s something we suspected because Amazon Originals drop at midnight GMT. That means North America gets the episodes a little earlier.

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It’s possible The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 will drop at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT tonight. Keep an eye out for it.

What to expect on The Boys Season 2, Episode 4

Titled “Nothing Like It In the World,” there is a lot to cover in the new episode. We do get to find out more about Stormfront. She isn’t playing Homelander’s game and is becoming the new face of The Seven. What does that mean for Homelander? Could she be putting herself in danger?

There’s another Supe we need to watch out for that goes by the name of Liberty. Butcher sends Mother’s Milk and Hughie on a road trip to learn more about this Supe from the 70s. Will the two vigilantes put their lives at risk? Maybe they should take another Supe with them as backup.

Meanwhile, Butcher is getting details on where Becca is. He needs to save her from Homelander, but is he willing to take the kid with him? After all, Becca isn’t exactly going to leave him behind, right?

Whatever you think of Amazon’s release schedule, review bombing The Boys isn’t fair. Review bombing isn’t helpful when it comes to figuring out if the content is worth watching or not.

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The Boys Season 2, Episode 4 drops tonight on Amazon Prime Video.