The Boys Season 2 premiere recap: Catching up with everyone

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

What happened to everyone during The Boys Season 2 premiere?

We spent The Boys Season 2 premiere figuring out where everyone was at after the shocking Season 1 finale. It’s time to break everything down in the recap.

We’ll be doing recaps for each episode. The first three episodes are now available to stream and we’ll bring Episodes 2 and 3’s recaps tomorrow and Sunday. After that, each episode is released weekly.

The premiere opened with the three minutes we’d already seen. Stan is meeting with the military agency while Black Noir is handling one of the superterrorists. It’s still just as amazing as it was the first time, but we soon have to get on with things.

Memorial for Translucent

Despite Translucent being killed early in the first season of the series, Vought and The Seven decided to keep it quiet. After all, they’d only just brought Starlight on when Lamplighter retired.

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Well, now it’s time to have a memorial service for him. Of course, they can’t tell everyone what really happened, so they say that he died while handling the superterrorist Nakib, who has been eliminated.

Homelander gives a moving speech and Starlight sings a beautiful song. The Deep watches everything from a bar, upset that he’s been left out. Nothing’s changed, right?


Catching up with The Boys

During the episode, we learn that Hughie and Starlight are secretly meeting. Hughie is clearly terrified of being caught, which isn’t surprising considering he’s a wanted man. It also doesn’t help that Starlight has a chip in her, but it doesn’t work on the Subway, so makes sense that this is where they meet.

The conversation is brief and only involves Hughie passing on a target to Starlight, but it’s enough to see where the two are in their relationship. Things are tense, but there looks to be hope.

However, the Boys are struggling with being wanted. Butcher has been blamed for the death of Madelyn Stillwell and all the men in the group are on the Most Wanted list. However, nobody knows where Butcher is.

The Boys are living in a compound under a store. There are others there hiding out, and some come to Mother’s Milk for help patching up injuries. One set comes in telling them superterrorists threw a boat at them. When they see the footage, they realize that superterrorists are being smuggled into the country.

Hughie wants to let Starlight know about this so she can help. There’s a heartbreaking moment where he shares that what he has right now is all he has anymore. He’s lost so much since the very beginning of this series.

Changes at The Seven

With Translucent gone, there’s a position that needs to be filled. Ashley, who is now taking over Madelyn’s place at Vought, tells Homelander she has an option. He’s a blind hero with superhearing.

After seeing what he can do, Homelander explodes the hero’s eardrums and makes it clear that he won’t have a “cripple” on The Seven. He also makes it clear that Ashley is dispensible like everyone else. He will decide on the new member.

That’s what he thinks! Later on in the episode, Stormfront introduces herself while recording herself on what looks to be an Instagram Live. You have to read the responses from her fans. Stan Edgar chose her as part of the team and there’s nothing Homelander can do about it.

Getting some Compound V

Starlight wants to get her hands on Compound V. It’s time to release this to the people to make sure they know Supes are made not born. To do that, she decides to film a Supe who is able to grow his body parts back and uses his ability to get money. He lets people chop off his body parts. People are weird.

It’s not something this guy is going to want to come out. So, when Starlight threatens to release the video, he agrees to sneak some Compound V to her.

The Deep causes a commotion

We had to spend a little time with The Deep during The Boys Season 2 premiere. Rather than kidnapping dolphins, he decides to cause a commotion at a waterpark. That gets him arrested, and he’s bailed out by Eagle The Archer.

Eagle says that he hit “rock bottom” and was introduced to Carol. Carol and Eagle want to help The Deep get back into The Seven. It’s clear they want him to join some sort of cult…a cult that seems to love Fresca. I don’t think I’ll be able to grab that drink in the store without thinking of Eagle offering the can.

Try to keep your head!

The Boys head out to meet with Butcher’s contact with the CIA, Susan Raynor, about the superterrorists being smuggled in. She manages to give a little information about Mother’s Milk’s family, before they move on about the superterrorist from the CCTV footage.

Susan is angry and starts to suspect a coup attempt. She also seems to have some information to share with The Boys. Before she can, her head explodes.

Naturally, The Boys panic and decide to get out of dodge right away. They don’t want to be next. Well, it didn’t take long for a friend to The Boys to be killed, but who was it?

Learning the beginnings of Vought

For all those who wonder how Vought got started, we got an explanation for it at the end of The Boys Season 2 premiere. It turns out the founder was connected to a certain German party during the Second World War. When things didn’t go the Nazi’s way, Frederick Vought was brought over to the States.

Yes, that happened with real Nazis. There were many protected because of their “research” and their knowledge. Hunters will give you an idea of some of it.

Keep the story in mind. It’s coming back up!

Stan Edgar makes one thing clear: Homelander is not the company’s most valuable asset. Homelander isn’t happy about that. The power struggle between two people has begun.

At the very end, we see Homelander return to Becca’s house to see his son and The Boys go back to their hiding spot. Butcher finally returns with a “Daddy is home” line, and that’s it until the next episode.

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What did you think of The Boys Season 2 premiere? What were your favorite moments? Share in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.