Get Duked and The Boys after-show are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

Watch The Boys after-show and Get Duked only on Amazon Prime Video

It’s all about quality not quantity on Amazon Prime Video. There are two great Amazon Originals on the streaming service today.

Get Duked and The Boys after-show, Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys are now streaming on Prime. You can watch both with your Prime membership, while you get ready for a September packed with content.

Get Duked: Amazon Original movie

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The first to check out is going to be the British satirical movie, Get Duked. It focuses on a group of teenage boys, who find themselves hunted down by the Duke of Edinburgh of all people. The four teenagers will need to stick together if they want to get out of the mess.

Will anyone believe their story when they do get out? Is this the end of the Duke of Edinburgh Award? Nothing really happens in the Highlands, right?

This is perfect for those who want a humorous version of The Purge. The masks will certainly look familiar!

Check out the trailer:

The Boys after-show

The second release is Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys. It’s the first episode of the after-show, which will hopefully give us an insight into the world of The Boys Season 2.

Hosted by Aisha Tyler, the after-show is set to take us inside The Boys. We’ll need a quick catch up of the first season, ready for the new season to drop on Sept. 4. You’re excited, right?

Each week, there will be guests on the show from the series. There will also be some surprise guests and a look back at the episodes of the show that air.

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Get Duked and Prime Rewind: Inside The BoysAmazon Prime Video are now streaming on .