Will Absentia Season 3 come to DVD and Blu-ray?

When could we expect the Absentia Season 3 DVD release date?

We’ve had the chance to binge-watch Absentia Season 3 more times than one. And if you’re like me, you likely have done to see which clues you missed the first time around. Now you want to know about the Absentia Season 3 DVD releases date.

Is the third season likely to come to DVD? I’d say so. The first two seasons have been released on DVD, after all.

While this is an Amazon Original in the United States, it’s not one everywhere. Sony is behind the creation of the show, and this production studio will want to release its shows on DVD and Blu-ray. After all, this is where a lot of the money is when shows are on smaller-known networks (like AXN in Europe).

It’s not yet confirmed, but it’s likely that the Absentia Season 3 DVD release will happen.

When will Absentia Season 3 come to DVD?

Of course, the big question is when it’s likely to happen. Season 2 was released on DVD back in December 2019. This was about six months after the second season premiered on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

With that in mind, we could be looking at late December 2020 or sometime in January 2021. This will give Amazon time to make the most of the exclusivity and will also get viewers excited about the DVD release.

Will there be any special features? That’s unclear.

Something to note is that the releases are often imports. You’ll need to make sure they work for your DVD player.

Will Absentia Season 4 happen?

Our most important focus right now is on the future of the series. While we’d love to get the Absentia Season 3 DVD, we also need to make sure there is another season coming.

There’s been no official renewal yet. With the way things ended in the third season and the already huge success of the show, there’s no doubt that we need a fourth season.

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What would you like to see happen on Absentia Season 4? Are you planning on getting the Absentia Season 3 DVD? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Absentia is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.