Get Duked trailer: Nothing ever happens in the Highlands, right?

Get Duked. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Get Duked. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Get your first look at Amazon’s upcoming movie Get Duked

What happens on the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the UK? That’s something Get Duked gives us a look at. Well, sort of.

This upcoming Amazon comedy is not to be taken seriously. However, it’s going to be one hell of a trip for those looking for dark British comedy. The Get Duked trailer tells us all we need to know about the movie before it drops at the end of the month.

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This is one of those surprise announces. Get Duked wasn’t on the list of Amazon releases for the month. However, if it was, we’d certainly have added it to the list of five good Amazon movies to check out in August.

Nothing ever happens in the Highlands

One of the best lines of the trailer is at the end. The Scottish Highlands are a picturesque place. Very little ever happens, and I can say that after doing plenty of hiking and camping around the areas. However, this movie is nothing like real life.

Four teenage boys take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It’s a great award in real life, teaching teenagers about survival, map-reading, and camping. Even in today’s world of sat navs and GPS, I can tell you map-reading is a skill people should still learn!

These four boys that head out on the award soon realize they’ve landed themselves into some deep trouble. The Duke of Edinburgh uses the award as a chance to hunt humans. It’s a game to him and his cronies, who have certainly been getting away with this for years. When you look at the masks, there’s a Purge-like element to the show, but murder isn’t legal. It’s just “fun.”

The question I’m sure you have is whether those “drugs” were actually rabbit droppings. Yes, you’ll definitely need to check out the movie to find out what the hell is going on there.

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Get Duked is out on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 28.