Gold Digger Season 1 heading to DVD in August 2020

It’s almost time to own Gold Digger Season 1 on DVD

Acorn TV is the home to many excellent TV shows. It brings some of the best from around the world, with one of those being Gold Digger. The British series now has a DVD release date this side of the pond.

It’s always annoying when you see the DVD out but find out it’s the wrong region. The Region 2 DVD has been out for some time, but you need a Region 2-compatible DVD player. The good news is you don’t need to keep your Acorn TV membership going if you’re only using it for Gold Digger. The Region 1 DVD is out soon.

In fact, it’s out on Aug. 11, 2020. That’s a little more than a month from the time of writing this. You can already pre-order Gold Digger on Amazon, so you’ll grab it with the Price Guarantee.

What’s Gold Digger about?

If you missed the series on Acorn TV, you’ll want to know what it’s about. Julia Ormond plays a middle-aged woman who thinks she finds love with a younger man. The question for her family is whether this younger man can be trusted. Is he just after her money?

Of course, she doesn’t want to admit that she may be falling for a scam. She wants to believe that there is love out there for her. How will it all end?

The series is certainly worth watching. It’s mesmerizing and keeps you hanging on from start to finish. With any hope, it will also be renewed as some of the storylines were certainly left open.

It’s not clear just what is included on the DVD boxset. It only includes two discs, which could hint that only the episodes are included. However, there may be some featurettes included.

Gold Digger is on DVD on Aug. 11, 2020.