Acorn TV now available through Amazon Channels in the UK

Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

UK viewers can now get Acorn TV through Amazon Channels

If you’ve been waiting for Acorn TV to be available through Amazon Channels in the UK, you’re in luck. The anglophile streamer is now available to add to your lineup.

Acorn TV was only made available in the UK in April 2020. Initially, it was only available directly, but there were always plans to make it available via Amazon Channels and Apple TV Channels. According to Television Business International, that has now happened.

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It doesn’t cost any more than it would to get the streamer directly. You can still pay £4.99 per month or £49.99 per year, and there is still a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. If you love British, Australian, and Canadian TV, then you’re going to adore this streaming service.

The benefit of going through Amazon Channels UK is combining the costs. Your subscriptions end up joining together with just one payment, so you don’t have to look at when each subscription is going to be charged to your credit card.

What can you watch through Acorn TV?

While BritBox is great for older BBC and ITV content (and some new additions), Acorn TV has been the place to turn for Australian, New Zealand, Irish, and Canadian dramas, as well as Acorn TV Original British shows. There are also some foreign-language shows, including Balthazar and Straight Forward.

There is something for everyone. Whether you love to relax with comedies or you like gritty crime dramas, you’ll find something to keep you entertained. You can also switch between the various genres depending on how you feel.

It’s not all new stuff, either. There is plenty of old-school dramas and comedies available. Taken, The Return, and Midsomer Murders are all on the list of great dramas to check out.

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What are you watching on Acorn TV? Which streaming service is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get Acorn TV through Amazon Channels UK now.