Amazon Channels: BritBox added to Amazon Prime Video Canada lineup

Sticks and Stones -- Courtesy of BritBox -- acquired via DKC
Sticks and Stones -- Courtesy of BritBox -- acquired via DKC /

BritBox is now on the Amazon Channels lineup in Canada

BritBox has been available in Canada for some time, but unlike in the U.S., it’s not been part of the Amazon Channels lineup. That’s all changed.

The streaming service that offers all things British is available to get through Amazon Channels on Amazon Prime Video Canada. You can still get it with a free trial—although Quebec residents will get two months for the price of one instead of the standard free trial. The streaming service is $8.99 per month, just like normal.

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When you get the streaming service through Amazon Channels, you can keep all your payments in one place. It often helps with managing money, especially if you pay monthly for Amazon Prime Video Canada instead of yearly.

BritBox is excellent for all things British

For those who have missed out on BritBox in the past, it’s certainly one of the Amazon Channels you need to get if you love British TV. The streamer was created by the UK’s BBC and ITV together, bringing some of the best UK content to the world.

Shetland, Mum, and A Confession are among some of the great offerings. This is also the place to watch the older episodes of Doctor Who, as well as the movies that aren’t canon but do offer some great storylines inspired by The Doctor and the TARDIS.

This is perfect timing. Today, the first episode of Sticks and Stones dropped. The series is a workplace thriller that sees one man learn his company is downsizing. It’s clear someone is pushing him out, which affects his confidence and ability to do the job.

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Which Amazon Channels do you have? What do you think of BritBox? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

BritBox is now available on Amazon Channels on Prime Canada for $8.99 per month after a free trial.