Hanna Season 2 trailer: Is Hanna infiltrating or being lured in?

Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: © Amazon Studios 2018
Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: © Amazon Studios 2018 /

Hanna may be infiltrating Meadows in the Hanna Season 2 trailer

It won’t be long until we can binge-watch all episodes of Hanna Season 2. Before we get to do that, the Hanna Season 2 trailer is a chance to get an idea of what to expect from the series.

At the end of the first season, Hanna learned the truth about who she was supposed to be. She also learned her father wasn’t actually her biological father, but that didn’t stop her loving him. It didn’t stop her feeling bad when he was killed at the end of the first season.

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Hanna also didn’t stop when it came to her plan to take down the institution that had created her. Sadly, she wouldn’t change the minds of the young girls also being trained as soldiers. Only one left with Hanna on the run, while the others followed orders and left the camp in search for a new place.

That place is Meadows, a conditioning camp for young girls. And it looks like from the Hanna Season 2 trailer that Hanna is set on infiltrating the camp. Is this because she wants to take everything down from the inside or does she feel she has no choice instead of a life on the run? It will likely be the latter considering she knows how to live far away from people.

Will Hanna seek revenge or a family?

It’s hard to say what Hanna is planning on doing. Considering everything she learned in the first season, she likely wants to take down Meadows and the entire organization. That’s not going to be easy when there are so many against her—and so many with skills like hers.

However, that doesn’t mean she won’t try. There’s a moment in the trailer where it looks like she’s just learning as much as possible. She gets to find out who creates names and backstories, but Hanna isn’t ready to give up her own name. Is this a chance for her to find out who is integral for revenge or just to understand the organization more?

One thing the Hanna Season 2 trailer does is get us ready for a new season. It gives us a hint of the thrills that we’ll get along the way. Are you ready?

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What do you hope to learn in Hanna Season 2? What has the Hanna Season 2 trailer told you about the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hanna Season 2 premieres on July 3 on Amazon Prime Video.