Hanna Season 2 gets teaser trailer and release date

Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: Jonathan Prime © Amazon Studios 2018
Hanna season 1. Photo Credit: Jonathan Prime © Amazon Studios 2018 /

Amazon has released the teaser trailer for Hanna Season 2. That’s not all! We get a release date. Are you ready for the next part of the story?

The last thing I expected today was the release of the teaser trailer for Hanna Season 2. Considering we’re a couple of months away from the new season, I wasn’t expecting anything until much closer to the time. But I’m stoked that we’ve got it.

Not only did Amazon release the teaser trailer for Hanna Season 2, but we got a release date too! The season will drop on July 3. It’s a bit away yet, but it’s something to get excited about for sure!

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The teaser trailer gives us just a small hint of things to expect. We left Hanna and her new sort-of friend escaping the compound after the death of the man she viewed as her father. The other young girls-turned-soldiers were evacuated with Utrax.

Naturally, Utrax isn’t going to let Hanna and the other girl get away. They will scour the Earth for any signs of the two of them. That’s what we see in the teaser trailer. And it looks like Hanna isn’t going to make it impossible for Utrax to find her. She clearly has some sort of new idea and likely wants to take down the agency.

The teaser gives us our first look at Dermot Mulroney’s character. He doesn’t have a name, but we can tell that he’s someone important at Utrax, someone who wants to take down the two that have escaped. It will be hard for many to see Mulroney take on a villain, but if you recently watched the Prodigal Son Season 1 finale, you’ll know that he is amazing in this type of role.

Check out the Hanna Season 2 teaser below:

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Hanna Season 2 is on Amazon Prime Video on July 3, 2020.